Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme – An Asian Inspired Theme

Whether it’s spring or early fall, cherry blossom wedding theme is a good one to choose. It is a theme that is becoming a favorite by couples in the Western countries. It is a type of Asian inspired theme, either originating from Japan or Korea. In Japan, cherry blossom is the national flower, while it’s a common spring flower in Korea. So, you have to decide whether to go for Japanese or Korean cherry blossom. Either way, it is a great theme for wedding because the flower symbolizes life and love as well as good fortune. Your priority right now is to learn and have some cherry blossom wedding theme ideas.

The Color Scheme

There are only a few colors to select from in a cherry blossom wedding theme. Cherry blossom flowers are either pink or white. However, your choice of colors does not end with the two colors. You can also go for purple, plum or brown. You can even mix two colors to have your wedding motif. In these modern times, wedding colors are usually blended with two or three colors. It is more flexible to have at least two colors so you can make decorations and invitations easier or choose dresses better.Image Source : kathryn

The Invitations

A save the date card is what the invitation is all about. Since this is a cherry blossom wedding theme, use any invitation papers or cards and have them designed with the flowers and twigs. You can animate them or use real ones to make your invitations look more unique. It will be fun creating wedding invitations if you customize them.

The DecorationsThe decorations to use that can make cherry blossom wedding theme more relevant and appropriate are not difficult to set up too. There are numerous items to use and display so you can come up with a beautiful environment. Some of the unique cherry blossom wedding theme ideas for decorations are the following.

1. Cherry blossom scented candles or candles in a cherry blossom themed glass on tables
2. Floating cherry blossom candles
3. Cherry blossom paper lanterns hanged on the ceiling or in the air for outdoor reception
4. Cherry blossom fans
5. Cherry blossom parasols in different sizes – some for table decorations and others are for the drinks
6. Tablecloths and napkins in a cherry blossom design
7. Cherry blossom twigs in vintage or culture styled vases
8. Cherry blossom garland

The Flowers

For the bouquets, you simply combine a few twigs of cherry blossom whether the twigs are hidden or not but must be tied with a ribbon or bow. It must be also mixed with other flowers like roses and peonies. The shape of the bridal bouquet can be the infamous round or something more unique. The bouquets for each bridesmaid can be a single cherry blossom twig or two. If it is a cherry blossom wedding theme, there is no difficulty arranging flowers. Just make sure it’s the season where you can easily get cherry blossom flowers.

The Dresses

Now, let’s go to the dresses which most brides are excited to talk about. A white gown is still preferred but you can style it with some cherry blossom accents through jewelry or other embellishments used for dresses. The bridesmaid and flower girls dresses can have a simple type of cocktail dress or long evening gown depending on the color and motif. You can just add adornment like cherry blossom hair wreath of white, pink or a combination of both colors. It will be also a cute get-up if each bridesmaid has to hold a cherry blossom designed parasol. It is a cherry blossom wedding theme so use the same flowers for accessories. The groom, groomsmen, and ring bearer can have a formal tuxedo or casual attire with a light, small twig of cherry blossoms on the left part of their chest. These are just samples of cherry blossom wedding theme ideas for dresses. That means you can still choose and think of other else as long as it matches the theme.

The Food, Cake and FavorsImage Source : Hans

When it comes to food, you can have any local Japanese dishes such as the very famous sushi. If you prefer Korean, consider having noodles or kimchi but not that very spicy. Be sure to have some desserts too as there are many choices. One example is the cherry blossom roll cake which must be sliced and distributed to each attendee. Macaroons with cherry blossom accents are another example of wedding dessert. Do not forget to add more favors like cherry blossom cupcakes or cherry blossom cake pops. For the cake, it must be large three tiered or five layered cake with real cherry blossom flowers. It is a cherry blossom wedding theme after all!


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