Unique Wedding Gift Ideas – For the Rehearsal Dinner, Bridal Shower and Wedding Day

Is it time for you to get some unique wedding gift ideas? Well, do not go anywhere as what you need to look for is listed down on the next paragraphs. You will learn the most popular, newest and trendiest wedding gifts for the couple. We will categorize them into three types based on the time you will like to give your presents. There are some wedding gift items that are more suitable to give during the rehearsal dinner or bridal shower, and there are others for the day of the wedding event. Your main aim here is to have a good selection of the best and most unique wedding gift.

Gifts for Bridal Shower

This list of gifts is a suitable choice to give for the bride and also to her groom during the wedding shower. You may have been invited to attend to this party too and you must look for a great gift item.

1. A Video Clip or Slideshow

The bridal shower party is the best time where you can expose some of the old and young photos or videos of the bride. Compile all the old and most recent pictures and video clips of her then present it in a 5 to 10-minute video. With some great music in the background, it will definitely make her bring down tears. That’s one of the coolest and most meaningful unique wedding gift ideas you can think of.

2. A Book about Being a Wife or a Mother

There are books about how-tos, tips, advice or inspirational that may be considered as bridal shower presents. It is among the unique wedding gift ideas you need to know. Any book for a starting wife and soon to be mother is a very helpful manual to have. It can help the bride adjust as she pursues the next chapter of her life once she is married.

3. A Personalized Photo Frame

It is not common to give the bride a picture frame with photo in it. What makes it a unique wedding gift is to personalize it. Have some words engraved on the frame. They can be words of your personal message to the bride or her name and the title of being the bride. The photos to put in the frame can be a single picture of her with the groom, or a collection of their pictures together, with her family, with you, etc. but in a collage style. Sometimes, you think of great unique wedding gift ideas to make them really look significant.

4. A Monogrammed HandkerchiefImage Source : storebukkebruse

There are also bridal gifts that can be monogrammed or embossed. For some unique wedding gift ideas for the bride, try a monogrammed handkerchief. Choose her favorite color and have her name being the bride to be monogrammed on it. It can be a very special handkerchief she can cherish and keep for years.

Gifts for Rehearsal Dinner

You can also think of the right, and probably unique wedding gift you can give at the rehearsal dinner. This kind of gift is more for both the groom and the bride. It is something they both can own and cherish throughout their marriage.

1. A Piece of Art Work

Art pieces are beautiful and unique wedding gift ideas to consider. They are good personal item to display to the new home of any married couple. The bride and the groom will surely like to have some of those to hand on their walls of their new abode. You have to select a painting, a sculpture or anything related to art for display.

2. A Vacation Package

A free trip for the honeymoon of the couple is one great surprise you can think of. In fact, it is among the expensive and unique wedding gift ideas there is these days. However, you can find promotional tour packages for honeymoon. Select a good destination where they can romantically spend time together and explore more as they start a new married life together. Wherever the place it, any couple is going to jump for joy and thank you enough. That can be surely a fantastic, unique wedding gift you could ever give.

3. Spa Coupons or Vouchers

Gift certificates are also one of the unique wedding gift ideas that you can opt for. If so, the best gift certificate, either in coupon or voucher, is for spa treatment. The couple can be thankful of this as they can have a way to relax their mind and pamper their body after a long, tiring and busy preparation of the wedding. So, the perfect time to give it is during the rehearsal dinner.

Gifts for the Wedding Day

Do not forget that the wedding day is the most perfect and ideal time to give the most special present for the couple. You can set aside your bridal shower gift and rehearsal dinner but never for the wedding day gift. So, here are more choices for you to find that perfect and unique wedding gift.

1. A Table Flower Vase

Help the couple set up their new house by giving some home items. One example that is considered among the list of new and unique wedding gift ideas is a flower vase for their dining table. They can find this very useful which can remind them of you and their beautiful wedding. You must not only choose a simple vase but a good one that can accentuate the entire dining or living room.

2. A Basket of Hygiene and Grooming Products

You can also think of giving the newlyweds a basket of some personal goodies. Lotions, colognes, soaps, shampoos, hair combs along with towels and bathrobes are ideal stuffs to hand out to a couple. If you are able to present them in a beautiful basket, then it’s one of those hottest unique wedding gift ideas you can opt for.

3. A Wall Clock
Image Source : Hans

Another unique wedding gift is a clock that can be hanged on a wall. It must be presentable and match any interior design of a house. So, go for black, white, gold or silver color as these hues can match any shade of a concrete wall.

4. Pillows

If you go to stores that sell wedding crafts and gifts, you will find some items are designed with the titles “bride” and “groom”. You may like to have that kind of wedding present. The best particular choice is a pair of pillows. They are not just simple pillows but exclusively made for bride and groom.

You have learned various unique wedding gift ideas on this page. What’s left for you to do is to choose the best and most appropriate one that the couple would love to have and keep for years. That’s when the difficulty part comes in. It is not easy to select if there are lots of great choices to select from. Just think hard of what the bride and the groom may have that you can only give. This is to make sure your gift item for their wedding is not the same as most attendees would buy and wrap.


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