Why Bahamas is a Great Place for Tying the Knot?

Is it your dream to get married in an exotic island, by the beach as the sun sets? The Bahamas Island must be the right wedding destination. Here are various reasons why this place is a great choice for tying the knot.

Beautiful Islands

As located in the Caribbean, Bahamas consists of big islands and small islets as well as cays. Each and every island consists of powdery sand and clear crystal water. Some islands have white sand, while others are pink. There are areas wherein many migratory birds are found, too. Whichever island is picked, this is a surely a wonderful place to create memories with your sweetheart.

Worth Paying For

One of the important things to consider in preparing a wedding is money. Whether you choose to marry in a local hotel or an overseas destination, budget is always necessary. So, if you can spend some money in a local setting, why not just go to the Bahamas Island for the wedding? Because this Caribbean island is already famous and among the top choices of wedding destinations, expect to pay a high cost. The good news is that you won’t be regretting any dime you shell out, because the memories created here are priceless. Remember, you are getting married!

Moreover, if you stay away from the peak season, you’d definitely save more. It is not also a bad idea to look for promos and perks regarding wedding destination in Bahamas. Some wedding packages offered include airfare, hotel and resort accommodations, and other arrangement for the occasion in one cost. This makes it less stressful for you, too.

Essential Tips for Booking

As an independent country, Bahamas requires non-citizens and non-residents to comply with their regulations. It means that a couple who wants to get married in the area must ensure they have all the necessary requirements, which include basic documents, such as passports, visa (if needed), valid IDs, and proof of arrival (air tickets).

The government of Bahamas also requires newlyweds to register their marriage license after staying there for at least a 24-hour residency period. There is a fee to pay for this one, too.

Both partners are at least 18 years of age to get married here. Otherwise, they need to provide a written and signed parental consent that they are allowed to tie the knot.

It is suggested that you look for a package if you are interested to exchange vows and “I dos” in Bahamas. This includes all the vital things needed to pull up a great wedding. Most packages offered already include clergyman or officiant, venue, decorations, catering of food and beverages, entertainment, photography and videography, and flowers. Also, a wedding consultant or planner is part of the package. All you just have to do is to prepare yourself, your money and you’ll have a big and wonderful wedding!

There is no doubt that a dream simple wedding can turn out to be a spectacular event in Bahamas. So, talk about everything with your future spouse and start planning the wedding you have been longing to have.


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