Top Movie Themes for Wedding

A lot of couples opt for common and traditional wedding themes. Film-inspired wedding is not among those favorite themes. But if you and your future spouse love movies, this is an option you must consider. If you have been really thinking about it but cannot yet fully decide on what movie to choose, here are some great choices.

1. Star Wars

One of the epic films of all time is Star Wars. This involves a lot of costumes when you think about incorporating it in a special gathering like a wedding. However, you must not choose to wear the same costumes as your wedding attire. It just means the decorations and atmosphere would look like you are in the space. There has to be glow-in-the-dark stars shining on the walls and ceilings, flashing swords on tables, and all white flowers.

2. Pride and Prejudice

This movie is another one of the famous films in Hollywood history. The setting is basically classic, like the Victorian times. Thus, the table setting, décors and dresses should be inspired by the movie. Also, it has to be an occasion filled with pink, red and white flowers. This is a wonderful choice because it portrays elegance and pure love.

3. Superman

Superman is probably among the movies that you can easily remember because you have been watching when a cartoon show when you were younger. Who would not forget the “S” on the cape of Clark Kent? Instead of “S”, you can put the first letter of your first names. Red, blue and yellow should be the color palette if you choose this kind of move-inspired theme.

4. Titanic

Another great movie that can inspire a couple to plan a wonderful wedding is the love and tragic story of Jack and Rose. From this idea, you can tie the knot in a yacht while in a middle of the water. If that sounds expensive, you can just have a backdrop of a sinking big ship with real ice sculptures everywhere. Just imagine the attire of everyone including your guests! It will be a really nice wedding of the season.

5. Black Swan

A not-so-old movie entitled “Black Swan” is not just an award winning film, but also provides a lot of wedding ideas. The ballet theme is enough to give an engaged couple whatever has to plan for the special day. You can imagine yourself in a white ballet-inspired wedding dress, and Swan figurines at the reception. There will be lots of feathers and tulle on your bridesmaid dresses too. For men, well, just go for the traditional tuxedo.

These are good choices of movies that you can select as theme for the big event. If you are both into movies and like to be unique, one of these famous films can give you ideas. As always, just stick with what you both love and are interested in, but must reflect your personality and meet your budget.


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