Wedding Destinations – Pick Yours!

It feels just like yesterday when you dream about your wedding in the beautiful island of Hawaii. Perhaps, you prefer a quick ceremony in one of the famous wedding venues in Las Vegas. Or, maybe you’re thinking about the docking place surrounding water with mountain on the background in Fiji. Most women have that kind of dream but that is the dream that really comes true. Yes, your dream is about to come true in just a few weeks! Butterflies dancing in the belly and cheeks turning to red are what you feel right now. I know, because I’ve been there. Although, the destination of our wedding was in the country and in a simple garden but it was a romantic and a magical moment.

If you are finding the best place where you will tie the knot and exchange your vows you’re your long-time boyfriend, do not go anywhere. The list below consists of the best and cool wedding destinations for you.

It is really important that a groom and a bride should cooperate with each other in making decision. They have to agree where they will exchange vows. This is to avoid any misunderstanding which is something an engaged couple really has to stay away from. Luckily, most couples nowadays like to get married in a different place or somewhere outside their hometowns. The good news is that the world has numerous places where a couple can tie the knot and make their special moments. In fact, you may even name some like Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Paris, Turkey, etc. But, because of the many choices around the world, it may give you some time to make up your mind. Don’t worry because I’m going to help you out narrow down your choices and assist you in weighing your selection.

Before you proceed to the list of beautiful places for weddings, let me ask you a few questions first. Do you and your groom have enough expenses for a wedding outside your hometown or country? Remember that your parents, siblings, other relatives and friends are going to be there. You do not just want the two of you to be present at the event, well unless that’s your plan. Plus, you may need some visas to enter the place and not to mention the expensive plane tickets. If none of these trouble you, then I guess you won’t have anything to worry about.

Moreover, there is one solution in case you don’t have enough financial resources for a wedding overseas. It is better if you will find some wedding destination package deals that can provide a much affordable cost. However, this kind of promo limits the number of attendees. You may only invite your bridesmaids, groomsmen and close family members.

What kind of place do you prefer for your wedding venue? Is it a medieval church, a private villa, on a beach, inside a cave, beside the waterfall or in a Victorian-style garden? This is another question that you must answer. In one country, there could be different types to select from especially if you prefer somewhere that is spectacular such as beautiful beaches, jaw-dropping mountains and natural parks.

Again, if you no problem regarding that, then let’s proceed. Here are the following wedding destinations that you may select according to your taste and budget.

1. Mexico

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For American couples or lovers residing in the US, Mexico is a very practical choice. This is one of the world’s famous wedding destinations according to some travel and wedding destination sites. Most soon-to-be newlyweds choose this country because of its colorful culture, warm and sunny weather, numerous choices of accommodations at a very economical price, and spicy cuisines. Don’t forget Mexico boasts is naturally breathtaking coastlines as well.

2. Jamaica

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Jamaica is also among the top chosen countries in the world for wedding venues. This Caribbean island has wonderful waterfalls, mountains and beaches to offer to couples like you and your groom. If you select this place, it is best to have a beach or garden wedding. The Caribbean and reggae beat of music of the country would make you and your guests groove for hours. It will be a fun party and wedding celebration for sure. No wonder why some couples choose Jamaica as their wedding destinations and for some also the place for their honeymoon.

3. Bahamas

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Another beautiful wedding destination in the Caribbean is the Islands of Bahamas. Bahamas is located along the coast of Florida, USA. It can give couples some romantic views which is perfect for having priceless and unforgettable memories. You can choose one of their islands which include Freeport Island, Grand Bahama Island, Nassau Island and Paradise Island.

4. New Zealand

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How about somewhere in the Pacific Ocean like in New Zealand? This country also has good and unique places to offer to couples who are getting married. There is the wide countryside, seashore and mountain with a panoramic view of the city or valley.

5. Hawaii

Image Source :Shiny

Hawaii is also a wedding destination that first comes to the mind of most engaged couples. That is because there are many beautiful places to select from can in this spectacular island. You and your groom can enjoy the tropical weather of the place while making the best moment on the beach or in a beautiful garden.

These following wedding destinations are perfect for beach wedding and garden wedding because of their natural beauty. These are places that boast crystal clear water and fresh green grass. They are just there waiting for you. So, what you only have to do is to make a choice and get married soon! The choice is definitely in your hands together. Before making any decision in choosing a wedding destination, ensure you have all the things needed and required to have a great wedding in a beautiful place somewhere around the world. When you decide to tie the knot outside your country, you also provide a wonderful treat to each and every wedding attendee you invite. That’s not bad after all because everyone would be excited for your wedding!


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