5 Reasons Why Music Makes Weddings More Beautiful

Music has always been essential on many occasions. There is no special gathering where songs should be played than on a wedding event. Just imagine what a wedding would be like if there is no piano heard while the bride march down the aisle, no band playing for the first dance, and no angelic voice in the background. The event may have been very dull and boring if that is the case.

1. It Stimulate Emotions

As a get-together of family and friends that brings happiness and sadness at the same time, emotions will surely rise up all throughout from the beginning to the end. With music playing, the emotional feeling of the bride, the groom, as well as their parents, and other concerned would be more stimulated.

As the bride walks toward the altar, the groom will feel how blessed and lucky he is through the instrumental music of “Bridal March”. On the other hand, the bride is possible to become more intense of her emotions as she is just a few steps away of being a Mrs. to her husband who is waiting for her on the other line. Not only would the couple feel different emotions, but also their parents, siblings, and closest friends.

2. It Creates a Happy Mood and Lively Atmosphere

The songs on a wedding party are not always slow and deep emotional. There are also fun and happy songs played, especially during the reception. This is where the excitement of the occasion really begins. Everyone would have fun on the floor and make their groovy moves with the band or DJ.

3. It Provides Liveliness

Regardless of the time of the wedding, music can help the guests or audience keep alive, energetic and still interested continue partying with the newlyweds. Sometimes, there are wedding occasions that really take a long time. And the only way to keep people entertained and avoid boredom is through music.

4. It Puts a Balance Ambiance

Music on a wedding varies from slow, sweet sound to fast, fun and up-beat tune. This can certainly make a great ambiance that is balance. In other words, the event is going to be more romantic, glamorous, and formal.

5. It Lets You Play Favorite Songs

Another good reason of having music on a wedding is that it allows you to choose your own songs. Since this is your big celebration, you probably have the rights and freedom to select the kind of music you want to be played, whether by a band, a solo vocalist or a recorded song on a disc. Both the groom and the bride have that opportunity. They can opt for their own theme song as well.

Quick Tip for Having Music

At the ceremony, you can have songs that can be played in instrumental, whether recorded or live playing. For the reception party, this should be more appealing. It means do not try to play recorded songs from DVDs or CDs. Have a live band playing instead, who can give some solo vocal songs, duet, trio and group. There must be diversity as this celebration includes the first dance of the newlyweds, the last dance of the bride and her father, and fun grooving with family and friends.

Also, list down all the possible songs you want to play by the band. This list should match the kind of occasion, so choose a lot of love and wedding songs. It will be really nice if you get to pick the best of greatest love songs ever written. At the end of the day, your wedding just becomes more beautiful and unforgettable.


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