What to Pack for the Beach Honeymoon

You and your spouse have decided to spend your honeymoon on one of the world’s best beaches. While you cannot hide your excitement and are looking forward to build some great memories, keep in mind what you need to bring for this wonderful vacation. Here are some of the common and necessary things to pack in your luggage.

1. Sun Protection Lotion

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Any activity in the sun requires sun lotion. This is something you cannot argue about, because no one likes to have burned skin. Of course, you surely like to have a trace of tan on your body, but make sure it is protected. You may want to get a sun tan lotion and a tinted face sun tan lotion. Whichever brand you prefer, a bottle of lotion is one thing on your backpack list.

2. Chapsticks

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Do not forget also that you can get chapped lips. If that happens it won’t make your day any better, especially when you expose yourself under the sun most of the time. When you get a chapstick, choose one that has sun block to ensure you are still able to have some smooches with your sweetheart. Yeah, in a few seconds, you probably didn’t remember the vacation is going to be a passionate and romantic one. That’s not all, if you are a woman, if your lips are moisturized, you will look a lot sexier too, and your husband will love you more.

3. Swimsuits

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For women, bikini is what must be always packed for a beach vacation, while men can grab their sexiest swimming trunks or Speedos. This particular item is also a must to bring if you spend your vacation on the beach, whether it’s a local place or one of the islands in the Caribbean.

4. Towels

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This is the right time for you to wear your “bride and groom” towels with your monogrammed initials, which you may have received from your wedding, either a gift to each other, or from someone among your sponsors who handed to the both of you. Bring extra towels too, if you like, but remember the hotel where you are going to stay always provide some for their guests, and are changeable every single day.

5. Thin Clothes

Of course, clothes are badly needed as well, so it’s not just swimsuits. Somehow, there will be romantic dinner by the seashore or even in a fancy restaurant in the town or city. With that said, you will certainly need a very nice dress or a suit to complete the special evening. Generally, if you go to a beach, you only need some thin clothes, but the night hours can be really windy and cold, so have a few thicker dresses too.

6. Sunglasses and Hats

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At daytime, some beach accessories become very useful. When you lie down on the beach chair for some sun tan, sunglasses can be really essential. When you feel like strolling in the sand, a hat is definitely a must.

7. Small Bags and Purse

You also need a few bags aside from your luggage. Beach shoulder bags and coin purses must be packed, where you can put your extra clothes, accessories, lotions, wallet, etc. There will be a time you and your spouse are going to the mall, have dinner, and visit other famous spots within the area.

8. Books or Magazines

Spending some quality on the beach is a luxury; it is a relaxation for sure. And while you are indulging yourself under the sun, a book can be a good treat, as you sip a refreshing drink. This is a good extra thing to do with your wife or husband.

9. Maps

Even if you stay in the sand and water most of the time, a map will still be an important tool. You need to have at least one map throughout your trip, especially if you have the plan to rent a private car. You do not want to be late at your planned dinner, but no choice if you get lost. So, a map becomes your saving grace at that kind of situation.

10. Waterproof or Underwater Camera

A great vacation won’t be completed without a camera! You can pack a digital camera, but remember this is a beach, so have a waterproof or underwater camera too. Having some photos while you enjoy the coral reefs or just playing under the water is something you do not want to miss to capture as well.

You see, there is nothing much to pack but these ten things. Forget your laptop and other gadgets, because you must disconnect yourself from the world, and just concentrate on the time you have with your spouse. You both book the vacation to enjoy each other and have the best honeymoon. But it’s always successful and more fun if you have all these beach stuff stored in your bags.


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