What are the Details of a Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations are very important to keep in mind. This is the formal way of inviting your relatives and friends to witness, join and celebrate with you on the most wonderful occasion of your life. When it comes to wedding invitations, the details should be carefully arranged. It is the most important guide your guests need to have. That is why it should be concise, clear and easy to read.

Your wedding needs a lot of decision making. So, with wedding invitations, every detail of what is written on the card is really important. All of the important guests and participants on your wedding are able to know the time, and the location of the ceremony as well as reception. Here is the list of the basic information that must be printed out on your wedding invitations.

The Names of the Bride and the Groom

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The hosts of the wedding are one of the most important names that should be written in the invitation card. For this special event, the “hosts” refer to the bride and the groom. You have probably picture on your mind what a wedding invitation looks like, and you remember exactly that the first names of the bride and the groom are highlighted on the front page. That is a very important detail that every wedding invitation card must have.

The Date and the Time

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The next information that must be given importance on a wedding card is the time and date. This will inform the attendees and guests regarding the date of your wedding. It allows them to schedule the day and be ready for the time, so they are able to make it and get there on time. Generally, the date and time of a wedding event can be spelled out in letters and numbers, which is more formal, such as “Saturday, ninth of February two thousand thirteen, at eight o’clock in the morning, or a shorter one like “on Saturday, February 9, 2013 at 8:00 am”, but also as short as “02/09/2013 – Saturday @ 8AM”.

The Location

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The venues where the ceremony and reception are held are another detail of a wedding invitation. Whether it is in a church, in a restaurant, in a fancy hotel, or on the beach, the address of the wedding location must be stated in your save-the-date card. Make sure that the address is complete, clear written and large enough to be noticed and read. It is also much better if you add a simple-to-navigate map regarding the location. This can be a good help for them to avoid being lost, so they can arrive on time and without any hassles.

The Participants

The list of names of every participant of the wedding entourage is also included. These people point to your maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearer, bible bearer, contract bearer, covenant bearer, flowers girls, as well as principal sponsors. Do not forget that the clergyman, whether a church leader or not, must be also included on this list. All of these vital individuals should be included on your wedding invitations and their names must be arranged.

The Names of the Recipients

Last but not the least, the recipient’s name must be also considered essential on the wedding invitation card. In most cases, the name of the guest or attendee is written on the envelope. It can be just simply marked with the hand, or digitally written. There is also an option to have the name of the invited recipient printed on the front page.

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All engaged couples want their invitation cards to be beautiful, unique and ideal as much as possible. It is part of the wedding etiquette to really make sure your wedding invitations look wonderful. It will make your guests feel excited and start looking forward to it. In most instances, the bride and the groom choose styles and designs that reflect their personality and relationship as a couple. But this is not just about the outward appearance that needs to match the wedding theme, but also about what’s in it.

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The details printed on every card of the wedding invitation are certainly vital. Always include the important and correct information regarding the wedding celebration, so each and every guest is guided. It may be possible that your name is spelled incorrectly, or the location does not have the proper and complete address. You do not want to embarrass yourself or misguide your attendees regarding this special event. The things mentioned above hold details of the basic information of the special occasion. That is why you must not concentrate too much on the designs and color of the paper, but give more time checking and editing the wedding details.


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