Wedding Dresses for Beach Weddings – Selecting the Best Beach Wedding Dress

You have completed your list and the most exciting part that you can do next is to prepare the wedding dresses for beach weddings. The location where you can exchange vows and get hitched has finalized that it’s going to be at the beach. That means the dresses have to be more casual and less formal. Like other wedding dresses, they still need to be comfortable to wear and match the theme of the occasion. The good thing about this matter is that there are plenty of designs and styles of casual beach wedding dresses available for selection. It is very common nowadays to have weddings in a beach so the demand of specific beach wedding dresses is high. What you have to concentrate on is to find out the secrets in finding the right and most suitable style of dresses for the bride, for the maid of honor, for the bridesmaids and for the flower girls. Here are useful tips that you would surely like to know.

Be Aware of the Dress Etiquette for Beach Wedding

Unless the marriage ceremony is unique that has to be conducted under water, the wearing of a bikini is not an option. It means it is not appropriate for a bride to wear one or two piece at her beach wedding. It still has to be a dress but more casual in design and style. Wedding dresses for beach weddings are long gowns but a little bit loose and made in light fabric. Those can make the wearer feel comfortable marching down the aisle and get groovy throughout the celebration. As expected, the bridesmaids, maid of honor and flower girls have to wear standard beach style wedding dresses too.

Determine the Color Scheme

The theme of the event is obviously beach or probably tropical. That gives you the clue of what color to select for the wedding dresses for beach weddings. The usual hues are blue, green, yellow and pastel colors. These are the best choices of colors of the dresses for the bridesmaids and flower girls. For the bride, a white wedding gown remains the same. You may only opt to add accent of another color that can give extra design.

Pick the Right and Best Style

Casual beach wedding dresses come up in a variety of styles whether they are for the bride or for the bridesmaids. Let’s start with the bridal gown first as this is the most important. The white wedding dress does not have to be too long. It can be until right before the ankle or below the knee with a short tail attached. The style to choose from depends on the neckline, waist style, cut and length. There are sweetheart bridal dresses, square chest line gowns, V-shaped with short sleeves dresses and strapless wedding dresses for beach weddings. The bottom has also different styles from no slit to with slits. Embellishments on the dress like jewels are also additional concept to think about in terms of the design. For the bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses, the style has to be short. Thus, cocktail beach wedding dresses are highly suggested.

Indicate the Body Size and ShapeImage Source : Ariaski

The most important in having a wedding dress is to wear the right one that fits the size of the user. Either you have your dressed sewed or purchased from a local store, the size must be always considered. It must flaunt your body curves so the overall appearance from short and long distance can be eye-catching. Whatever wedding dresses for beach weddings to choose, make sure to try fitting them. In addition to that, the fitting of dresses must be finalized two to three weeks before the wedding date. If you try wearing a dress and make your final choice because it suits your body size very well a month or more before the special day, it is possible that to become tightened or loose after. Remember that several weeks can be enough for you to either lose pounds or gain extra weight. This same thing should be applied when you look for beach style wedding dresses for bridesmaids. They must be selected and purchased just a few days before that most anticipated date.

Pick a Light, Breathable Fabric

Wedding dresses for beach weddings do not have to be made from a heavy material. The fabric should be light and breathable as this can give you as the wearer to feel more comfortable. With that said, the fabric types to select must be cotton, chiffon, tulle or a combination of any of these.

Choose According to Personal Taste and Style

The rule of thumb in choosing wedding dresses for beach weddings is to go for what’s interest you the most. Regardless of the color, style and cut, the dress you are going to pick out must reflect your personality as a person or particularly as the bride to the groom. If you are known to be conservative, then make sure the dress must not be too showy. That means you avoid a long slit and the waist must not be tight. On the contrary, if you are more liberal and really fashionable, it is alright to go for a dress that can give more skin like those strapless, mermaid style wedding dresses for beach weddings. As long as you are comfortable, no one can dictate you of how good or bad your dress is. It is how you can gracefully flaunt it that makes the wedding dress more beautiful and noticeable to observers.

Complement the Dress

A bridal dress is completed with jewels and a pair of shoes. You must consider and remember this too when you select a dress. It is quite essential to go for a dress that is easily matched with any kinds of jewelry items. There are some wedding dresses for beach weddings that may be only adorned with limited types of jewelry. That can make it difficult for you to find the right necklace and earring. The shoes also have to be taken into account. Most beach weddings take place at the sandy seashore. Therefore, a flat pair of shoes is most recommended. It can give you inconvenience to walk if you have heels on. It is also possible to just go and march without any shoes. Barefoot with your best bridal gown is somehow a fun idea.

The selection of beach style wedding dresses is easy to achieve as long as you have an idea of the basic specifics on how to choose. You just have to figure out the style that you want, the size that fits you, and the color that matches the theme. The designer brand name and cost are other essential factors that help you select but make sure they meet all those basic requirements you need to look for. Once you have answers to all of those, you can definitely find the right wedding dresses for beach weddings. By then, you are confident to wear the dream wedding dress and be ready to face the most special day of your life.


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