Honeymoon Destinations in Asia – The Top 7

Everything, from bridal gowns to the wedding cake, invitations to decorations, etc., has been set but one, the honeymoon destination. This may be one of the hardest of the decisions to make because it won’t necessarily have to be based on the wedding theme. Your choice is more of interest and likes but must be mutually agreed upon with your future spouse. To help you quickly, why not choose to one of the best places in southeast Asia? Here are among the 7 beautiful Asian destinations for honeymoon.

1. Indonesia

Image Source: Teuku

One of the tourist spots in Asia, particularly in southeast area is Indonesia. Because of its rich cultural and historical combination, this country makes it a great choice for honeymoon. You and your spouse can have a great time exploring the exotic beauty and natural landscape of the place. Imagine soaking under the sun in one of the beautiful beaches, riding on a helicopter to view the volcanoes, hiking through the green woods, and witnessing the different cultural activities. Regardless of what you choose, it’s going to be the best holiday vacation so far because of the unique romantic surroundings only Indonesia can offer.

2. Thailand

Another Asian country where there are lots of crystal-clear beaches with valleys, mountaintops, hills and pastures is Thailand. This is also a good honeymoon destination for newlyweds. You can discover the beautiful white sand and blue waters in Pattaya, golden chapels in Phuket, the famous wet market, elephant back riding, and other surprises.

3. The Maldives

Image Source: Nattu

This next honeymoon destination has been awarded as one of the most prestigious, most visited and beautiful places in the whole world for many years. It is a paradise and heaven on earth because of the romantic setting. There are the floating bungalows nestled in the middle of turquoise water. It may be a small island with few cultures to learn but the water alone offers you with so many things to do, such as scuba diving, snorkeling and jet skiing, or swimming with the sea creatures like dolphins.

4. Philippines

Image Source: falk1984

With more than 7,000 islands and 100 dialects, the Philippines is certainly a good destination for your honeymoon too. It is here where you can discover the only Chocolate Hills, the biggest fish in the world called whale shark, and the famous local food “balut”. There are just so many things to explore and learn from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao islands of this place.

5. Borneo

Image Source: Angela

An exotic but romantic place for newlyweds is the beautiful Borneo. This is where you can find some wild orangutans, rainforest treks, hidden waterfalls, and not-yet-discovered breathtaking beaches. If you want some adventure during your most romantic mood, this is the right place to go to.

6. Sri Lanka

Image Source:AdjaFong

Sri Lanka does not only offer exotic sceneries and rich culture but also cheap budget. Yes, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly type of honeymoon vacation, this is your best choice. You will be greeted by friendly and hospitable citizens, great food, some are spicy, relaxed atmosphere and beautiful view of the countryside.

7. Malaysia

Image Source: Magalie

Lastly, a good place to enjoy your vacation as newlyweds is Malaysia. It also offers a variety of cultures, local foods and delicacies, tourist spots and more. Like other Asian cities, Kuala Lumpur has skyscrapers which include the popular Petronas Twin Towers and Islamic Arts Museum.

To complete your wedding celebration, select the best Asian honeymoon destination from these choices. It is going to be a delight, romantic and memorable vacation you will ever experience. For sure, every moment is going to be enjoyable and worth it for the both of you.


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