What are the Ins for Summer Wedding

Summer wedding sounds fun isn’t it? For sure, you nod your head with agreement. My guess is that because you plan to marry the love of your life on this wonderful, warm and sunny season. It is a pretty good choice, and congratulations, by the way!

If you are looking for some best tips, I welcome you as you will learn good stuff about summer wedding. It includes ideas and ways on how to choose decorations, book a honeymoon destination, pick the right hairstyle and others that you may find it very helpful.

A Colorful Theme

When it comes to wedding motif, it is always important to choose colors that are suitable for the season. The color of your dresses of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, flowers and bouquets, decorations, etc. must be bright and lively. Here are some examples of beautiful blend of colors that are ideal for summer wedding.

1. Papaya and Olive

The combination of papaya and olive as a wedding theme color is a unique blend. Your wedding participants and guests will be astonished with your invitations in bright orange and olive colors. For the attire, the bridesmaids can wear long dresses in papaya with olive accents, like ribbons or bows tied around the waist, while groomsmen can don on olive shirts matched with papaya-colored ties. These are just a glimpse of examples when combining olive and papaya colors.

2. Red and Pool Blue or Icy Blue

This next combination is also fantastic for a wedding during the summer. Something that is cool and refreshing, but, at the same time warm and cozy, is a nice choice. Bridesmaids dresses can be in pool or icy blue in tea length style and paired with some red accessories from the earrings to the necklaces, and shoes to red rose bouquets. The men can wear pool or icy blue shirts and trousers with a red vest. Another idea is to have a table covered in icy/pool blue tablecloths and sprinkled with red rose petals on the center.

3. Lime Green and Pink

Pink and bright green like lime are also pretty colors for a summer wedding. You can have a cake in lime green color with real pink stargazers. For the bouquets, pink lilies, pink roses, pink daises, or pink peonies and some small green flowers are good choices. These two colors are just vibrant, which make them ideal for the warm season.

A Stunning Venue

Wedding location or destination is also important in planning a wedding. It is best that you choose a place where there is more water. Also, the venue of your ceremony and reception must be also the same place to spend your honeymoon. So, a wedding destination in the summer should be very ideal.

If this special event takes place in June, July or August, the best places are islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. These include the Bahamas, Tahiti, Fiji, French Polynesia, Seychelles, and Maldives.

A Comfy Hairstyle

The style of hair is another essential thing to consider. Since summer is all sunny and warm, a loose hairstyle is not really recommended. Whether the location is on the seashore or in an enclosed building of a beach resort, the hair must be up do styled. This does not only make you look beautiful and elegant, but also keeps you fresh and convenient.

We can go on a list of other wedding plans, but that can be a really long list. And other stuffs to prepare for the event are just basic, primarily based on personal preferences. The “ins” and trends of these days for a summer wedding are the ones mentioned above.


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