5 Simple but Essential Things for Your Wedding

Successful and memorable wedding is the aim of every couple. For sure, you want the same thing. It takes a lot of effort, money and time to prepare something big, but it does not have to be too stressful. You need to have fun planning and preparing this extraordinary day. Here are some special things that you must not forget during your preparation for your wedding.

1. Prepare All the Clothes

The things to wear on this wonderful occasion are very important. From several weeks ahead, you need to make sure that all of the attire for you, your partner, and other participants are ready. These include your very own wedding dress and shoes. You have to prepare this as early as possible as it will help your time to be less stress and maybe hassle free.

It is not advisable to make this the very least. Don’t wait for a few days before the wedding to start scouting for your dream wedding dress, because there is a possibility that you can get frustrated choosing in regards to what you need to wear. Take note that the week of your wedding is the most hassle and stressful days. So, have those all those things ready weeks before the day of your wedding.

2. Pack a Few Items in Your Clutch

I’m not saying that you need to make a list of what to pack for your purse. You may not even need a clutch, but for the sake of urgency, this idea can be helpful. You can pack tiny items such as tissues because expect to shed tears, pins in case your dress get ripped, and a piece of paper where you write your wedding speech.

3. Match Your Jewelry, Shoes and Other Accessories

In terms of accessories, it is always about mixing and matching. To complete your attire, you need to finalize your picks of necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet, hair accessories, and even the shoes. To avoid switching accessories with your maid of honor or any of your jewelry pieces, have all yours packed in one bag. However, add extra jewelry and accessories just in case one of them gets scratched, ripped, or damaged.

4. Have Your Cell Phone Around Before the Wedding

Expect that before the ceremony starts, some guests may contact you to ask questions, such as the right way toward your wedding venue, or inform you they may be a little late or won’t be able to attend, etc. When you are getting ready to wear your bridal gown, you have the right to ignore any calls or texts. And starting there, you must not be attending to your phone. You have to concentrate on every minute of your wedding celebration. Don’t let people disturb you with questions or statements through phone calls that they can actually do with other people involved.

5. Make a Love Letter

This can be your favorite task as it is relieves stress, makes you feel good and refocus of what you really feel about marrying the love of your life. Unlike the vow, this love letter must be a way to smile your future spouse as he is starting to wear his attire. Reading your sweetest and most honest feelings in words can surely reassure him that you will never back down, and it will surely make him speechless. It will be something like a feeling of the first time you fell in love with each other.

Some of the simple things that you need to do should be set before and on the day of your wedding. Don’t just concentrate on the big or expensive ones. There are little things that are also special and essential. Regardless, preparing or planning this beautiful day should be always beforehand. It is not recommended that you delay a day or even a second. That is why it is a must to make a timeline in the first place so you can schedule what to prioritize first, because some things can be accomplished within a day, while others have to be taken care of within a few days or more.


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