Be Easy and Have Fun with Wedding Decorations

Oh, decorations! The part of the wedding preparation that is quite daunting to deal with. There are just so many things and stuffs this one covers. In fact, it is the basis of how a wedding celebration would look like, and how the atmosphere would feel awesome. If disaster has to be avoided, decorations are what to be careful about. For sure, you do not want this to happen on your own wedding. If so, take a few minutes to read the next paragraphs and learn what you need to do regarding decorations.

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Rule number one: you cannot do wrong in choosing and displaying wedding decorations. If you will consider your family members, friends, especially your wedding planner and florist, it saves time and completes everything a lot easier. Of course, you have to always express yourself as the bride when you want to decorate your own wedding. In that sense, you need to get some tips regarding what decorations to have, how to manage time, when to say enough with the cost, etc.

A big fraction of the wedding expense is accumulated for the decorations. But this does not mean that you won’t consider making a limit of your budget. It is still wise and necessary to try restricting your budget for decorations to use. This enables you to reduce frustration and rather have more fun planning things out. Try estimating the basic stuffs you can use to get an idea of how much to spend then just add extra amount for additional decorations you may need.

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This process doesn’t end with the budget as there are other things to consider such as the wedding theme and color, as well as the location, which is the venue for ceremony and reception. Well, it is common that the decorations for the bachelor party and bachelorette party are not the same as the ones found on the wedding venue and reception. The reason why there must be a wedding theme so that there is uniformity in every aspect of a wedding. That makes it easier to identify the kinds and colors of decorations to use. You cannot just mix balloons and animals together because that’s obviously for a kid’s birthday party. You cannot also have rainbow colored decorations if your theme is pure black and white. So, first of all, think of the things that can make your wedding theme look more obvious. Unless you do not have a theme selected, you cannot start choosing any decorations to list down for your wedding.

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The next thing to keep in mind when you are planning your wedding through decorations is the setting. Is the location going to be held indoor or outdoor? Not all wedding decorations are ideal for indoor or outdoor. For instance, some stuff is fragile and can be easily blown by wind like Swan Sterling sculpture that is made of glass. Those are the types of decorations that are used only in an indoor setup.

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What most brides come to mind when you speak of decorations is the flowers. They are the elements that can really make the ambiance look amazing and beautiful. As excited as you can be to pick out the flowers, it would be helpful to have an expert with you. Hiring florist is the ideal assistance for you in having the right kinds of flowers, scents and colors that are appropriate for your wedding based on the theme. That means that your favorite flower may not be suitable unless there is an exception. Another scenario is that the type of flower you like may not be available at the time of your wedding because of some seasonal reason. Yet, the florist is able to help you with whatever you need in regards to flowers.

Like flowers, chairs and tables are somewhat used as decorations. Well, you basically decorate every chair used on both ceremony and reception, and table for the dinner. This is much easier to do; however, it is a long process to complete. That is because you have to rent chairs, buy covers, and decorate them. Don’t worry, because a wedding planner or a venue organizer can help you with that.

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Bells, doves, hearts and balloons are other common decorations used in a wedding. Whatever stuff you may add they have to match the theme of your wedding. Generally, you can buy or do them to add some personal touch if you prefer customizing them. Most couples choose both anyway because they have advantages. One of them is that it helps limit the budget. The second one is that it gives you enough chance to spend time and have some laughs in between with your family and friends. Now, that’s really the best part of preparing things for a wedding when you can create simple moments with the people dear to you.


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