Wedding Shower – Where Can You Have the Bridal Shower?

As an assigned organizer of the bridal shower, the only thing you care about is how to pull it through. This means you want, with your best abilities, to make the wedding shower a successful one. Organizing a wedding shower is not actually easy. You need to put all your time, patience and resources. The person who is mostly responsible of doing this special task is the maid of honor. So, if you are recently asked to be the maid of honor to a friend or sister’s wedding, expect to be the person in charge of taking care of her wedding shower.

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One very important to ask yourself is where will the wedding shower takes place. There are many different kinds and ideas of wedding shower that you can throw. However, choosing the kind of bridal shower must depend on the taste, interest and likes of the couple, most especially the bride. Regardless, having a theme is the key to easily organize the bridal shower. It is easier to choose a location, the kind of decorations, etc. If you need some ideas, do not go any further because the help you need is listed below.

Spa Bridal Shower

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A famous wedding shower theme which most brides choose these days is a spa bridal shower. Aside from the bride, her bridesmaids and invited guests can have a relaxing time while enjoying your surprises to them. They can also have some little time to bond and share an unforgettable experience. For the bride, this could mean a lot and make her feel more special. This kind of theme is much easier to organize because you just have to select a local spa and appoint a private day to spend time being pampered. Besides, most bridal showers are for women only. Then all women from the sisters and friends of the bride, as well as the groom, can have their nails polished, full body massaged, etc.

Brunch Bridal Shower

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A brunch bridal shower is a traditional type of wedding shower that takes place between breakfast and lunch. This party also invites the groom, groomsmen, his family and other important persons. This means it is open not only for women but also for men. It can be a little expensive because you have to prepare foods and beverages, as well as extra stuffs for games and other fun.

Victorian Tea-Time Bridal Shower

Teas paired with biscuits, cookies and cakes are also traditional foods served on a bridal shower. This is another popular theme for a wedding shower that you can consider. It is somewhat an elegant and semi-formal type of party. You can invite the friends and family of both the groom and the bride. You won’t need enough decorations for this one as well. Some simple balloons and ribbons can provide a striking ambiance to the guests.

Pool Bridal Shower

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One type of wedding shower that is not usually chosen because of the dress code is a pool bridal shower. Yes, it sounds summer and fun but that’s not a bad choice at all if you want this for the bride. Just make sure that each and every guest, including the bride, must agree to wear some swimsuits and bikinis.

If you like to take one of these options of bridal shower, just deal with the budget. If you have the financial resources, it is more manageable to make it happen no matter what theme you select. Another thing to remember is that the bride and her guests must be able to enjoy the little time you provide for each one of you.


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