Wedding Shower Ideas – Contemporary Themes to Select From

It is not uncommon to celebrate a wedding shower with family and friends and if you need some wedding shower ideas, this is the right page that you have to read. The information and suggestions below focus more on the themes that are popular these modern days. They are categorized as fun, crazy and family friendly themes. You can consider having a bridal shower party that is a little bit wild or something decent. Whatever you choose, ensure that it is a good theme that your family and friends would love and enjoy. So, keep in mind that the party is not just for you alone but also for the rest of the people who are going to attend to the event.

1. Casino Theme

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The most popular type of wedding shower party is a casino party. Most people go to a casino entertainment center of their choice with a limited number of invitees because it’s definitely a very expensive activity. Since you are reading an article about wedding shower ideas, here is an option to spend less. If you want to have this kind of party but in a much cheaper way, you can simply rent a venue and just fill in with a variety of equipment for casino games. You can have some tables for poker and black jack, an improvised roulette and other casino devices to fulfill everybody’s needs to have fun. This is a much better way to have a casino themed wedding shower.

2. Contemporary Theme

A bridal shower with a general contemporary theme refers more to a high technology concept. This is like having creative costumes, decorating the venue with modern designs and displaying all the latest gadgets. It will be fun if you, your lover and guests can have some photo ops in one of the best cameras, record videos, etc. For some wedding shower ideas for the invitations, have the details recorded in a video clip and send it to your guests rather than mailing a printed invitation on a stationery.3. Romantic Theme

This next theme is basically a traditional one but still very common until now. It is called the romantic theme wherein the place is decorated with hearts, scented candles, rose petals, laces, ribbons and bows. It is much better if you can have less lighting to produce a romantic and dramatic effect in the room. The invitations should be in a heart shape or anything with hearts and red in color. The foods and favors must be also romantic so have sweet ones like chocolates, heart candies, cake pops, etc.

4. Health and Fitness Theme

One of the newest themes for bridal shower party you must consider is the health and fitness theme. There are absolutely cool wedding shower ideas that you can think about for this kind of theme. Since the theme is about being healthy and staying fit, the foods and beverages to serve should be nutritious. Have some fresh fruits and vegetables with low fat juice and healthy snacks. For the decorations, you can set up workout equipment like treadmill and recumbent bike where your guests can try them. Plus, it is a great idea if the costume has to do with fitness. Therefore, turn the venue to a sports and gym center.

5. Sports Theme

If you are into sports and adventure, a sports inspired wedding shower is the best choice. This is where you can do more sports related activities. It may take place in the outdoor where you can go out camping and play some “Survivor” games, hiking to a famous trail, do a triathlon and anything that you want to do with your family and friends. This is one of the wild and extreme wedding shower ideas to consider, so be careful to plan this out as it requires safety and protection.

6. Travel Theme

Another adventure type of theme for the bridal shower party is travel theme. You can select a particular place for this one and that’s how you will base the different wedding shower ideas you can come up with. For instance, if you want something Caribbean, then the decorations must be filled with palm trees, coconuts, tikis, ships and water. If so, have everybody don their best bikinis and speedos. If it is more vintage and classic like Europe, you can have some castles, chandeliers, antique vases, teas and pots, etc. With that, you can picture how everyone would dress for the party. As you can see, there are just so many locations to select from and each place has culture and history that you have to think about so you can produce great decorations and costumes.

7. Honeymoon Theme

You may also like a honeymoon theme instead where you can have a pre-honeymoon party not by the two of you alone but with the rest of your family members and closest friends. For sure, you have a choice of destination now where you will spend your honeymoon. From that location, you can just set up a little paradise to let people see where you will take that special and romantic event. In terms of wedding shower ideas, the best props are posters and models of objects that can be seen from the chosen location. Then, give advanced souvenirs to your guests by handing them out some bracelets, delicacies, t-shirts or anything that can be only found in the honeymoon destination.

8. Victorian Theme

This next theme for a bridal shower is not new anymore because it has been practiced for a long time and chosen by many engaged couples. Also known as tea party, the Victorian theme is somewhat a formal party with a twist of contemporary concept. That’s why the wedding shower ideas have to be a mix of classic and modern look.Image Source : rodasabrao

9. Wine and Cheese Theme

A very new wedding shower theme to select also is the wine and cheese theme. This does not mean that you have to only offer a bottle of wine and some slices of cheese on a plate. You can still prepare foods but with lots of cheese, all kinds of cheese, like pizza, cheese balls, sandwiches and the like. This kind of theme may require either a casual or semi-formal attire.

10. Spa and Beauty Theme

The favorite of most brides for their shower party is to have some beauty pamper and relaxation. If this is what you can consider, you may invite your girls to have some hairstyling, manicure, pedicure, foot spa, facial treatment and body massage. For men, they can have some body massage, foot spa and facial treatment plus with haircut. It’s going to be a fantastic party for everybody as the end of this they are going to look and feel so good.

All these ten themes have unique but fun wedding shower ideas. What you only need to do now is to choose which one is more ideal and suitable to your needs which include the expense, the kind of relationship you have, and the interests you share together. Be sure that the theme you are going to select can make your guests happy and excited too. That way everybody will have a great and enjoyable time.


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