Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary – Here’s How

The moment the same day you get married after a year is a time that is something to celebrate with the love of your life. As the marriage is still fresh, most couples find a romantic and memorable way to have celebration. You cannot just miss this kind of special event, as it only comes once in a year, and it’s the first time. Therefore, make it the most of it by having a nice party celebration with your spouse. Here are some unique ideas on how to make your first wedding anniversary very special and unforgettable.

Relive Moments of the Wedding

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Take the time to relive your wedding by having a small party but intimate and romantic celebration. Prepare a wedding cake and a bottle of champagne or wine as you spend some quality time to view your wedding photos and watch the video.

This is much more celebrated if you have promised with each other to just watch the video of the entire wedding on your first anniversary. You can invite your family and closes friends to celebrate it with you. Watching videos that you haven’t seen but only after a year can give you so many surprises.

Spend a Night at an Expensive Restaurant and Hotel

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What about something extravagant since it is the first time to celebrate a very special event with your husband or wife? This refers to a dinner in an exclusive restaurant and an overnight stay in one of the best hotels of your choice. You may even consider doing all that in a famous city such as Vegas, well that is if you are within the United States. Yet, wherever you are in the world, there is surely a great choice of restaurant and hotel where you can toss with each other.

Be Wild and Free Outside

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If you are both adventurous and outdoorsy, you can just spend the day and the rest of the night somewhere more wildlife. Hiking during the day, kayaking and swimming at the lake before the sun sets, and rounding the night in a tent or a mobile home are an excellent idea as well. Not most couples like to try this but this can challenge you and make a great time just being around nature. Besides, you are probably exposed to a lot of gadgets from work and home. So, this time is just the two of you alone making the most of your wedding anniversary.

Take a Second Honeymoon

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This event is also a good chance to have another honeymoon. A 2 or 3-day getaway to celebrate your wedding anniversary is very excellent idea. You can go to a place where you have never been, and maybe you have a list of destinations to go to. The destination may be local or international, but regardless, it should be a great place for honeymoon and wedding anniversary. Besides, you deserve some good treats for each other and reward yourself for an exciting vacation.

Do Extra Fun Together

Bungee jumping, riding on a hot air balloon, and swimming with the dolphins are just a few of the wildest dreams and unique things that you can try with your spouse. You may have something in mind that you have wanted to try doing since you met, or since you got married. Nevertheless, this could be very fun and exciting, which is a good way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. It is just once in a lifetime, so try something different, unique and thrilling.

Go Watch a Live Game

Are you both fan of basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, football, or golf? Watching live sports is another idea that you and your spouse can do for your anniversary. You can book front row tickets to have a better view of your favorite team or athlete, and just enjoy the game with each other.

Shop Around

Going to the mall and spend some cash is not a bad thing to do for your anniversary. If some couples would go overseas for a holiday vacation, and others dine out in an expensive restaurant, this alternative is not crazy at all. You can buy new furniture for your home, new designer clothes, personal items for your babies, etc. It may be simple, but if you buy things out of the usual or ordinary, you can surely remember this all throughout your life.

Prepare a Home Dinner with the Family

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Sharing your wedding anniversary with your kids, if you have, and parents as well as siblings, is a great idea, too. This is not a traditional way to celebrate a first year anniversary of being married, but it’s an excellent one, because the people you love are there. You can bake turkey, cook green salad, and serve other homemade dishes for everybody. Just having a great time with you loved ones is a sweet thing to do for your anniversary.

Whatever activity you and your spouse pick to celebrate your wedding is a good choice as long as you both love to do it. Do not forget to surprise each other with an anniversary gift, and something unique, beautiful and sentimental, too. This is a celebration of your love and hope to continue loving each other. Whether you have a child already, there should be no reason or hindrance of doing what you must do to enjoy this special day of your marriage.

Furthermore, take some time to prepare your wedding anniversary. You need some financial means for sure. If you prefer a quite expensive celebration, make sure to prepare yourself and money. That’s why it is recommended to save some money for this particular event. The more sources you have, the much better to celebrate the special occasion. Remember that this is one thing that you would add to your best moments of being together. So, choose the best and most romantic way to do it, whether it’s just the two of you alone, with your child, or with your extended family, too.


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