Beautiful Winter Wedding Decorations Ideas

Are you and your partner thinking of having a winter wedding? If yes, I’m guessing of a wonderful, fairy-tale like wedding. Getting married in the chilly and cold temperature of December or January is something really special. The only one that may give you double time figuring out things is the decorations. Yes, winter decorations can make you scratch your head most of the time, probably now too that’s why you are here. No worries as you can have an idea of what you must have for your wedding.

A wedding during the winter does not only pertain to a single theme. Whether you’re surprised or not, there are several winter wedding themes to select from. One popular theme is the fairytale wedding because a couple can have Swan sculptures made of ice and snowy bubbles. Other ideal decorations that you can apply are snowy backdrop and natural glittery. Both can make your occasion magical and very fabulous. These are just examples of decorations based on a particular theme. In other words, even a winter wedding would require a theme because that’s how you can identify the kinds of decorations to use.

Once you have selected, your wedding theme can help you t decide what winter wedding decorations are best for your wedding. I cannot provide you specifics but guidelines that can help you figure out what to buy and use. Here are following tips and ideas regarding decorations for winter wedding.

1. Candles

Image Source: wallcoo

When it comes to winter wedding, one of the best decors that you need to prepare is winter wedding candles. You can find various types of designs and styles of winter candles that are available on the market. You can buy loads of them in an affordable price but you better order before the season of winter occurs.

In addition, choosing a nice color of winter wedding candles depends on your theme. You can light all of them in different areas of the reception to create a romantic ambiance. Another suggestion is to use frosted glass holders in various colors too.

2. Confetti

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Another popular winter wedding decoration that can add romantic mood is confetti. Have a combination of stars, hearts and snowflakes so they represent the theme and the new relationship. When you think of confetti, it’s not necessarily something that falls down from the ceiling. You cannot ruin the tables especially if you serve foods, which are expected by the way, if that’s the confetti you are going to use. Instead, have them scattered everywhere on the floor. This has to be set before the reception party starts. That means also that the confetti to use must be larger in sizes. That way they become visible and be looked at as decorations and not mess on the floor.

3. Natural Items

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Natural decorations are wonderful pieces to display for a wedding. On a wedding event during winter, these become more useful as they are attractive enough to display. Some of these winter wedding decors to select from are ivy, evergreen, eucalyptus, holly leaves berries, pine cones, pomegranates, mistletoes and poinsettias. Do not forget some little Christmas trees can also be a nice item to have.

4. Bells

Image Source: colourbox

Wedding bells are also good winter decors to have. You can decorate your wedding bouquets on the tables with little bells attached on them. Others can be tied on the wedding favors and larger ones on walls or posts.

5. Ice Sculptors

ImageSource: onofrioicesculptures

A much more expensive type of winter decorations for a wedding is an ice sculpture. Yes, that would be a very elegant choice, wouldn’t be? It is a magnificent type of décor which can stun your guests.

The truth is that you can find different winter wedding decors inside your home. If you have a creative mind you can easily choose a variety of items that you can use as decorations for your special wedding. Remember, you can also use personalized decorations just make sure they would define winter wedding theme.


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