Wedding Photo Shoot Tips and Ideas

Photography is necessary and essential in special events, including weddings. Beautiful and priceless moments must be captured as they are viewed for a long time. While you look at the pictures, you remember small details, especially the most special moments. To capture great memories, here are some ideas and tips regarding wedding photography.

1. Make a Photo Shoot List

Start conducting a small meeting with the couple you are going to cover for their big day. You need to make a list of what kind they want to see in the pictures. Also, it gives you an idea of what to concentrate on and avoid. It will be a little embarrassing if you forget to take a photo of the newlyweds while they are having a blooper, as this is included on their photo wish list. Sometimes, it is good to capture real and unscripted moments. But there are some cases in which one family member may be easily drawn to alcohol and the future newlyweds want to warn you with that, then it’s an ideal to take note of it.

2. Know the Faces of the Members and Participants

The couple may have listed a photo with grandparents, a group of picture with their nieces and nephews, etc. There is no way photographers will randomly take pictures of that, unless they know their faces. The solution of this is simple and that is to get to know the rest of the family members as well as participants or special individuals to be covered with the wedding photoshoot.

3. Be Familiar with the Location

The couple is not always the subject of wedding photography. There are also photos in which the couple becomes the background, while the bride’s bouquet or their wedding rings are the most emphasized object. That is why you need to scout the venue from the entrance to backstage. It is important that you have a familiarity with it, too. You have to know where the best lighting is, where to take shots from atop or right down on the floor. The best time to really learn the location of the ceremony and reception is when the decorations are set, which are hours before the wedding day.

4. Prepare All Materials and Equipment

Your photography tools must be all set and ready a few days before the date of the wedding. Check if each tool and every equipment is functioning properly. Make sure to have extra supplies that you can use in case you run out, such as batteries and memory card. Obviously, you need more than just one camera for this wonderful occasion. As a matter of fact, there are various lenses to use regardless of how many cameras you use.

5. Showcase your Creativity and Style

Photographers are not always the same in capturing and editing photos. You may be good in portrait than landscape or vice versa. You may also have a habit of taking photos in black and white than colored. You have to tell all these to the couple. It is much better that you show them some of your works. Give them samples they can look into and get their honest opinions and recommendations. At least, they are able to know what you really are capable of, so you won’t be attacked with so many complaints after printing those captured photos.

6. Do not be Shy but not too Flashy

A cameraman or a photographer has to be bold and confident in taking pictures. If you want to take every shot to be the best among your photographs, then you have to stand up, be quick and move forward. Do not mind what other people have to say or react when you are trying to go in front if your main purpose is to capture that best moment. But one thing to remind yourself is that do not be obtrusive in a way that people get annoyed or more showy than the couple.

All you really have to do is to love your job as a photographer. Whether this is a business or a hobby, capturing photos is all about interest. So, for a wedding event, have fun and just go with the flow as if you are celebrating with the couple.


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