DIY Handmade Gifts for Wedding

Stop surfing on the Internet at different online stores. Drop those wedding magazines and avoid scanning one page to another just to get the best or most ideal gift for wedding. Just get some materials, recyclable, old or used, and start making your own gift items!

From this page, you will learn different gifts that you can simply make out of used materials. These are definitely DIY gifts that are exclusively handmade. It is better that you give something that is proudly handmade. Let’s begin and find which one you mostly prefer to make.

Edible Goodies

One easy thing that you can surely and quickly make is baked treats. Candies, lollipops, strawberries coated in chocolates, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, brownies, muffins, well, you can go on and on, but you know what this means. They are sweets and pastries that are usually given for wedding. Regardless of the number of recipients, this choice of a DIY gift is a great idea.

The occasion is special, so why not make it look more presentable and uniquely packed. You can put them in a cute box tied with a ribbon. Another option is to pack them in eco-friendly bags or brown bags with ribbons. This is just a basic DIY gift you can make within a few hours.

Soap Bars

You do not have to get a certification or license to make soaps. It does not even require a long, few months to learn how to make soap bars. Just like baking, you just have to stick with a formula that you can actually get online. Get all the ingredients, mix them together and voila! It won’t take a lot of time to wrap them and present to anyone for the wedding.

If you are the couple who is getting married, soap bars are good choices of gifts to hand out to your bridesmaids and even groomsmen. If you are a visitor, this kind of gift is also a fantastic handmade gift for the newlyweds.

It is interesting to wrap soaps in a bar. You can use transparent wrappers if you create beautiful and colorful soaps. Tie them with ribbon, or better yet, opt for old curtains or clothes that you have to cut in long strips.

Cushions and Pillows

You can also make pillows out of recycled materials. Do you have old quilts and junk good or candy wrappers? Those are very useful in creating cushions. Cut those foil materials from junk foods, candies or chocolates and put them in a square, circle or even heart shaped cushion filler that is from a used quilt.

Plates and Mugs

Have you heard about re-gifts? If you haven’t, this is about giving one or some of your personal items that have not yet been used or rarely used. In this case, a good re-gift item to pick is dishware, particularly mugs and plates. You may have extra ones that you can send for a wedding occasion. It’s also a great idea if you personalize them by painting words at the back of the plates and on the mugs.

Mug and Beer Coasters

One easy DIY gift you can do in no time is coasters. This is also cheap as you do not have to buy materials to create a dozen. What you only have to do is to get a small log and cut them into smaller pieces. This natural material is good in absorbing water, that’s why it makes it a good coaster for glasses and mugs. Do not worry because you are not going to track down one large tree. That is not environmentally friendly at all.

Photo Frame

Picture or photo frame is a common wedding gift. Instead of buying, create your own handmade piece to make it more personal. You get pieces of wood and make a rectangle by gluing them together. Paint the wood frame or glue it with glass pieces.

It is a better feeling to give something that you invest time and put effort to it. With the suggested DIY gift items above, there is no need for you to spend lots of money. Perhaps, you may not even have to shell out a penny.

Narrow down your choices by looking at the samples provided above and see which one is easier to make or quicker to finish. Whatever you choose, it won’t matter because each and every one of them is an ideal gift to hand out on a wedding event.

Though a wedding is an extravagant occasion, it does not mean you have to spend an enormous amount of money. However, you must make sure that any piece of item to give for this event must still be special. It has to look attractive and presentable.


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