5 Fun and Awesome Wedding Exits

The march of the bride and the kiss are the most anticipated moments of a wedding. These usually happen before and during the ceremony. What about right after the pronouncement of the newlyweds? We are talking about the exit of the bride and the groom. Shouldn’t this be also among the best memories that must be captured by cameras? To have an awesome, cool, fun and memorable wedding exit, here are five popular ideas.

1. Confetti

One common material to use for a wedding exit is a splash of confetti. You can get poppers in a local store or cut paper, such as recyclables one, including old magazines, into small and tiny pieces. Assign all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen to shower you with confetti right when the two of you comes out through the entrance. Even other people can join the fun. In fact, all people must be waiting for you outside or at the aisle after the ceremony. This means you and your partner are the last people to get out of the ceremony hall or altar.

2. Ribbons

Ribbons in short lengths are also a good material to throw to the newlyweds during the exit. Make sure they are not very long that can stuck into the veil of the bride or neck of the groom. While different colors can be stunning, always refer to the theme of the occasion. There is a particular motif, so use that instead and do not just mix any colors of ribbons.

3. Flowers

Why try buying confetti poppers and cutting ribbons if you can just use petals of flowers. You only need several flowers that are of the same types and colors of the bouquets. Just do not allow your bridesmaids to use their own bouquets for that. They still have to hold them during the reception and for later photo shoots.

4. Bubbles

Another element to use for the wedding exit is bubbles. This is a cool and unique stuff to blow in the air while the newlyweds are happily and proudly getting out of the entrance. To save some money and avoid the chemicals of a commercial bubble blower, use natural solutions. A lemon juice is a good alternative as it has a better fragrance than the synthetic one.

5. Sparklers

Who says sparklers are just for celebrating the New Year’s Eve? This is also useful on a wedding, especially when the bride and the groom exit with their rings on their fingers. It is just a tricky choice as it literally sparkles. Unlike ribbons, flowers and confetti, sparklers must not be waved around and in the air when the newlyweds walk in the lane. It is possible to cause spark on the hair or dress. So, whoever holds one must not try to go closer or nearby the couple.

The exit of the newlyweds after the ceremony must be fun, unique and creative. In photos and video clips, this particular moment will be a brilliant one to watch over and over, for so many years. All you have to do now is to choose which of the five suggested and discussed on the list above, and see the best one to use for a fantastic wedding exit.


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