Best Man Wedding Speech – Your First Time Speech

So, this is going to be your first time to render a wedding speech as a best man. Perhaps, it’s also your first experience of being the best man. It only means that you have to prepare this one very well. You do not want to screw up since this should be going to a fun and memorable one. The best thing you can do to provide an outstanding best man speech is to prepare well.

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I believe that there are guests who are totally excited and interested to know the personality of the groom. Because you are the best man of the groom, they are expected you to reveal what kind of person the groom is. Let us face the fact that all people have a different personality but have common interests in some ways. Each one has at least a best friend who knows him very well more than others, just like the relationship between a best man and a groom. There are things that wedding attendees won’t know about the groom. Being one of the closest, or perhaps, the closest, you are going to share a little bit of information that you may be the only one to do. It does not mean that you have to share things that must not be revealed to the public. That’s one rule to remember in making a best man speech.

While you can share interesting stories that are friendly and probably sentimental too, but not dramatic, I know, funny ones are most anticipated. However, like other wedding speakers, you need to be careful with your jokes, funny quotes, and hilarious stories. You must not try humiliating him or offending anybody from the audience. In regards to funny quotes, you may only add one or two that can divert the attention of the listeners. You can start at the beginning of the speech as a way of your introduction, another one in the middle or at the last part where you round it up.

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The only goal of the best man’s wedding speech is to entertain the crowd as you please the groom and make his bride proud. Your speech may be a little piece but important one to complete the dots. So, your priority is to, simply, not mess up. A good suggestion is to read a couple of examples of best man speeches. You’ll get a deeper idea of how a speech of a best man is created. You will learn the kind of humor to use, the parts to include, and extras you may consider.

These things should be in your mind once you are asked to write a wedding speech for a best man. Simple tips like what I shared to you can help you create a beautiful and possibly memorable best man speech. Other than that, have somebody to check up your speech and rehearse it in front of a few persons so you can get more suggestions or corrections that can polish it further.


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