How to Plan a Wedding on a Tight Budget

A wedding is one of the most important events in people’s lives and for this reason, it can also be considered as one of the most expensive occasions to celebrate. While the average wedding budget may range from $20,000 to $30,000, I know some couples who had spent about $50,000 on their wedding just because they can afford that kind of luxury. However, not all couples can shell out such a huge sum of money. In fact, most couples must put together a wedding on a small budget.Image Source : PDP

However, I am firm believer that a large budget isn’t always necessary to have a wonderful wedding. For instance, our own wedding was very simple and intimate but it was still the perfect day for us. I have had the privilege to witness weddings of friends and relatives who had a limited budget but were able to put together a fabulous celebration.

I personally think that the success of a wedding ultimately depends on two things: effective planning and adequate preparation. With these two things in mind, it doesn’t really matter whether you have a $5,000 budget or a $50,000 budget to spend. If you are after a beautiful yet budget-friendly wedding, you should have the right people to help you out and plenty of time to do the preparations.

Consider these suggestions on how you can plan your dream wedding despite having a small budget:
Know exactly how much money you have in the bag. How much can you afford to spend overall for your wedding? It is very important to have an exact amount on paper, and not just an estimate. If you will only give a ball park figure of how much you are willing to spend, there’s always a possibility to overspend. However, the couple should be very strict about doing calculations and they should be conscious about when to say no to an idea if it doesn’t fit the budget, even if the idea seems to be too enticing to resist.Image Source : Nuno Duarte

Allocate portions according to the expenses. When planning a wedding, you will be confronted with a lot of costs to pay such as the venue, the bridal gown, the suit, the cake, the food, the decorations, photography and video services, etc., etc., etc.

If you have a tight budget, you should know that you cannot splurge on all aspects. You might want to
spend a little more on the dress, the reception, or the venue – whichever feels right for you. For example, if you really want to spend a little more on your wedding gown, then you will need to scrimp on the other areas of the wedding. As they say, you can’t win it all. You’ll have to choose which aspect of your big day you want to highlight the most.

Be ready to take on DIY projects and ask for help. Taking on DIY projects will enable you to save money tremendously. Examples of projects that you may choose to DIY are wedding invitations, tokens, bouquets, and decorations. Nevertheless, couples should be very realistic before deciding to DIY.First of all, do you really have sufficient time to start the project and finish it on time? Of course, you will be able to finish tasks more quickly if you can acquire assistance from family and friends.

If you choose to DIY, you will need all the help you can get so make sure that the people who has volunteered to assist really has the time to offer you their services. Otherwise, unfulfilled expectations can be frustrating and it can turn out to be a problem as the wedding day draws near.Find ways to cut down the costs. Do comparison shopping to make sure that you’ll get the lowest possible price of items and services. If it’s possible to completely avoid spending, then grab that opportunity.

For instance, you may have a backyard or you may know someone who has a spacious lawn who would be willing to accommodate your wedding. Instead of hiring a venue for the ceremony and reception, you may want to consider a home-wedding or a backyard wedding.

Do you have a friend who knows how to bake? You might be able to get a huge discount or your friend might even make your wedding cake as your wedding present.

Go second-hand. The wedding gown can be costly but a lot of practical brides these days opt for vintage gowns which costs so much less than tailor-made gowns or brand new dresses off the rack. In fact, a vintage bridal dress can be so elegant, unique and tasteful.

You can search for good finds from local thrift shops or from vintage clothing stores online. Thrift shops and vintage stores are great places to look for dresses and other wedding accessories such as shoes, jewelry, veils, and bridal hair accessories.

Keep it simple. The wedding invitation, favors, and décor need not be lavish and elaborate. Keeping things simple is the way to go especially if you have a limited budget. Don’t think that just because the design isn’t intricate, it will not be as beautiful. You can find a lot of inspirations online from real-life weddings that turned out to be fabulous yet inexpensive.

Limit the number of guests. How many people would you like to invite on your wedding day? Once again, you will need to be realistic and you’ll need to calculate the costs very carefully. Is the venue big enough to accommodate all your guests? Are there enough seats and tables? Do you have enough budget to spend on food?

See to it that the number of seats you have reserved is explicitly stated in each invitation to avoid unexpected guests. Don’t feel bad if you can’t invite all your friends and acquaintances. Real friends would understand that just because they haven’t been invited doesn’t mean you didn’t want them to be there or that they’re not very special. Keep in mind that when your wedding day is through, you two have your whole life ahead of you and spending all your savings on that one day won’t be a smart thing to do.


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