Reception Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Weddings are supposed to be beautiful, romantic, filled with laughter and cheer.  Perfect?  Not exactly! Sometimes, despite all the careful preparations, there would be little flaws or hiccups.  I should know! I can share with you a couple of tales from our own weddings of things that didn’t go as expected.  I wished we could have anticipated those problems so we could have been prepared for a solution but we only laugh about it now.

On this post, I listed down common disasters that we’ve personally experienced from our own wedding, and some, I have observed at other weddings that I’ve been to. Of course, you should never let small mishaps ruin the happiest day of your life.  However, it’s better to anticipate possible disasters so you can be more prepared to handle them just in case they happen.   Read on the rest of my post and hopefully you would find these reminders to be helpful in your own wedding preparations.Image Source : sherrysrosecottage

Wedding Gown Glitches.  It’s the day you’ve been waiting for and you are excited to finally walk down that aisle looking most lovely in your wedding gown.  But wait! Is that a torn on your dress?  Sometimes, no matter how careful you’ve been to make sure that the gown would be perfect, there might be last-minute glitches that you’ll need to fix.  It’s always a good idea to be prepared.

Make sure that you have or your maid of honor has a portable sewing kit for such emergencies.  Whether it’s a tear or a zipper that won’t zip, you can easily work out a solution if you have a needle and thread.Image Source : conanil

Rain showers.  It’s your big day and you are hoping for a bright and sunny weather.  It’s not the rainy season but you know that the weather can be pretty unpredictable.  So if you are planning to have the ceremony or the reception in the garden or outdoors it would be best to set up tents just in case there might be drizzles.

This is especially important if you live in an area where rain showers are not so rare.  It’s better to be sure than sorry.  I’ve been to a garden wedding where we had to stand in our umbrellas for about half an hour while waiting for the rain to stop.  Fortunately, the sun shone afterwards so the reception program was just delayed for about thirty minutes.  However, the rain might last a little longer on some days and that can spoil the celebration.  Aside from tents, see to it that mats would be available to keep everyone’s shoes dry and mud free.Children Tantrum.  If you expect kids to be in your wedding, then you should always expect the unexpected.   It would great to have a children’s space where they can enjoy play time with toys and each other, have fun under a responsible adult’s supervision.  While the entire wedding program is going on, it’s best to designate a sitter or sitters to watch over the kids.

Tipsy Guests.  Serving wine and spirits is a tradition at weddings.  However, if you’re worried about some guests getting drunk, don’t serve strong alcohol and just stick with cocktails.  Sure, some guests actually know their limit but let’s face it, some people might not be able to exercise self-discipline and control.

You wouldn’t want to have a drunk guest in your wedding party, blabbering loudly and disrupting the delightful celebration.  I’ve seen this happen and the intoxicated guest had to be snatched out of the room by two strong men.  It was not a very pretty sight or not something you would want to remember on your wedding.

Needless to say, driving and drinking must never go together so you might also consider providing a carpooling service to escort your guests back to their homes to make sure that everyone can get home safely.

Black smudges.  Here’s my personal tip for all the brides out there.  Use only waterproof mascara and eye liner if you don’t want to look like a gothic bride on that day.  Trust me, there would be moments when you could not help but be teary eyed, and you might even cry from out of overwhelming emotions.  With a waterproof make-up, those black smudges under the eyes would be the least of your worries.  Also, don’t forget to include a compact face powder in your bridal purse for quick retouches throughout the day.  The last thing you want is to look greasy on your wedding photos.

What about you? Have you personally experienced or encountered a reception disaster?  How did you handle the situation?  We would love to hear from you! If you have other tips and reminders to add to this list, you are welcome to share them with by leaving a comment.


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