Wedding Cake – The Other Sweetest in a Wedding

What is a wedding celebration without champagnes, dancing and merrymaking? This kind of event is special in a way that everybody – yes all and not just the newlyweds – would have fun. It is not the time of crying and frowning, although tears would definitely come out but as an expression of joy. What else does a wedding complete? If you guess a wedding cake, because that’s what the title is all about, then you are 101% right! You can skip the dances and champagne but never the wedding cake. This does not restrict any religious belief, health or anything else but still it’s an important element that makes the wedding sparkle and sweet.

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Cakes actually represent special occasions such as birthdays, and anniversary, and debuts. They are made for celebrations, just like a wedding event. However, a wedding cake is different from other celebration cakes. The best explanation is because of the designs, decorations, layers and toppings.

One of the very challenging demands of preparing a wedding cake is determining the right cake that suits the theme of the occasion, the personality of each one of you as individuals, and the kind of relationship you have. It takes some readings and searching of tips to help you and your partner know the things that you need to take when purchasing a cake for your wedding.

Before choosing and buying a wedding cake, always consider your theme. Is it an Asian inspired such as cherry blossom theme or Japanese theme? It is a seasonal kind of theme like the infamous beach theme for summer wedding or leafy theme for fall? Most wedding cakes are designed according to the wedding theme. That is a bottom line, although, there are different ways to decorate a cake even if the theme is simple.

Reveal the Flavor

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Let’s start with the taste of the cake you want to have for your own special and momentous wedding. As mentioned awhile ago, identifying the right wedding cake is your priority when it comes to this. One of the things you do is to find out the flavor of your cake. Don’t worry because the theme doesn’t really play here yet. It all comes down to your personal favorite as a couple. Perhaps, you both like chocolates and would love to have the best chocolate wedding cake. You may like to be healthy and choose one of the berries or a mixed combo of fruits as the flavor. It is also possible that you can have two flavors in one single cake. Remember, a wedding cake can be in three, five or more layers. That means each single layer can be a flavor just to give variety. Well, it’s all up to you on what you both decide to have.

Count the Tiers

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Layers of wedding cake are very important too. You and your partner need to decide how many layers should be there in your cake. The layers or tiers are one of the secrets that provide attraction to the entire cake. The more layers you put in the cake the more eye-catching it is. Take note that the number of tiers also depend on the size of how big each layer is. If they are small, then you probably need more than five layers to have a towering cake. If they are big, then you can limit that to five or maybe three.

Calculate the Size

Since we are already discussing about the size, a cake can be in various sizes layer to layer. The most bottom layer can be the largest of all, while the top part is the tiniest but can be tallest. The width, length and height, as well as the thickness or diameter, are the factors to measure. You also have to keep that in mind if you want a presentable, unique and delicious wedding cake.

Sketch the Design

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Of course, the beauty of a cake is as important as the taste. This is the element that can make a wedding cake standout and eye-catching. The choice would depend on the personal preference of the couple and the theme of the wedding. In such occasion, the color of the wedding theme needs to be evident on the appearance of the cake. That means the frosting’s color must be according to the motif.

Hire the Best Baker

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Do not also forget to choose a good supplier of wedding cakes. Unless you ask some favor from any of your family relatives or friends, hiring a baker or choosing a good bakeshop is the key to have the tastiest flavor and the most beautiful of a cake. Everything you have planned for, not matter how beautiful you want your cake would be, if you do not have the best producer of a wedding cake, then it’s useless. If you are watching TLC or any local channels where cakes are featured, you have an idea what kind of baker or bakeshop to choose. Probably, you can afford to make an appointment with the “Cake Boss” or the sisters in “Georgetown” cupcakes. I do believe there are other good choices of bakeshops with a more affordable service charges and cake’s price tag. You only have to make some research and compare thoroughly. Somehow, it can be helpful to spend some time and do a little research so you can have the best wedding cake you have ever dreamed of.


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