Wedding Bells and Doves for Decorations

One of the busiest but endearing and special moments is the wedding. You have to go and run from one place to another just to get whatever is needed for the event. Everything your wallet from cash to credit cards wouldn’t stop coming out. Although there are people, not to mention the person you are going to marry with, are there to support and help you to make sure the wedding is going to be successful. If there is one thing that would really make you feel busy is the decorations. There are just so many things to use and decorate starting at the ceremony and the reception. One of them, which is also the most common and traditional decorations, are bells and doves. So, stay with me and let’s talk about these two particular decorations.

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Regardless of the wedding theme, bells are important decorations. A pair of doves is another thing to see on a wedding. Let’s first discuss doves before bells.

Live Dove Birds

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It is part of the wedding tradition for a bride and a groom to release a pair of dove during their reception. These doves have to be one male and one female. They symbolize purity for their unfading white color and love for being comfortable together. The release, which is a ceremonial part, represents happiness and having each other for a lifetime.

Dove Displays

There are also dove models that can be used as decorations for weddings. It would be weird to have real ones hanging from one post to another. Your wedding is not a bird show anyway. What this means is that doves can be in figurines and paper which are much easier to display anywhere. This kind of decoration is a do-it-yourself material. You can be creative by making your own doves that may be hanged in the ceiling, post on the wall, place on the tables, or even top on the wedding cake. They can be in glitters, paints or even the use of recycled materials.

Wedding Bells

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Now, let’s go to bells which come in a variety of colors, sizes, styles and texture. To make your selection easier, just stick to the wedding theme, i.e. color and style. By the way, bells used as wedding decorations are not necessarily the bells you see in churches. Like doves, bells can be created manually. You can put some glitters, color paint or anything that produces eye-catching bells. They can be embedded on the invitations as well. In some wedding shops, there are little cute bells that you can buy and display from walls to ceilings, posts to tables, anywhere. Here are more ideal wedding bells that you can consider having.

1. Tissue Bells

Tissue bell is one of the ideal table centerpieces on a wedding. This is very well known because of its long standing tradition for any kind of wedding theme. You can find different kinds of selection in tissue bells like sinamay mesh, silk flowers and tulle of different colors and sizes.

2. Charming Chrome Bells

Another type of bell as a centerpiece that you can place on every table at the reception is charming chrome bells. This kind of bell has really ball underneath it in which guests can ring it to suggest a “kiss”. In most cases, it is used as a card holder, so every guest can have one. They can also bring it home after the entire party has wrapped.

3. Silver Plated Heart Handled Bells

Silver plated heart handled bells are similar to charming chrome bells. That is because they can be used as card holder on the table and a ringer. In fact, it is also termed as a silver kissing bell. They can be also additional gift to all guests. Other than that, they surely make tables look more interesting.

4. Harmony Love’s Guardian Wedding Bells

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Harmony love’s guardian wedding bells are ideal type of bells for Christian or church weddings. They can be displayed on tables at the reception, near the guestbook and even beside the wedding cake. This kind of wedding bells is made of the same materials used in some vases. That means they can look elegant to display on a wedding celebration.

5. Wedding Bells with Bubbles

For a more fun, use wedding bells that produce bubbles. This is type of bells that can replace confetti. Your guests can enjoyable blow some bubbles and refill the air with them. In fact, you can give each one of the wedding attendees or your bridesmaids and groomsmen a bell which they can throw right after the newlyweds go out from the church. Either way, it would be a fun addition for everybody.

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These wedding bells mentioned above are also good alternative wedding favors that you can hand out to every wedding attendee and guest. They won’t just be displayed as decorations or additions as centerpieces on tables. Like what’s stated, they can hold card names of all attendees so they become personalized that they can regard as keepsakes. Do not forget, bells, as well as doves, are also useful to be toppers for the wedding cake or wedding cupcakes. If you have other favors to hand out, both doves and bells are good choices too. You see, there are many things these two kinds of decorations can provide for a wedding despite of the theme or color.


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