6 Reasons Why Have Honeymoon in Hawaii

You just recently tied the knots, so the next phase of your first weeks of being married is the honeymoon. If you haven’t yet chosen a location, let Hawaii to be that place. Here are six reasons why this US state is a good place for your honeymoon.

1. Lots of Beaches

Beaches in Hawaii are an undeniable fact. This is the primary reason why almost every day is a peak season here. The beautiful, clear and turquoise water of the beaches is enough to entice you for a splash. You may even surf, or learn how to surf, if in case you do not know yet, snorkel and scuba dive. Not to mention, there are different unique fish and sea creatures that can make you wow. In short, you and your spouse would definitely enjoy playing in or under the water.

2. Cultural and Historical Spots

Hawaii offers a lot of attractions for tourists, including honeymooners. This place is rich in culture and history. Through the landmarks, museums and other remarkable sites, you and your spouse are going to learn a lot of things. Mookini Heiau State Monument is one of them that you will certainly know, which will remind you to stay strong and be together no matter what. You see, when you learn things like that, you are also able to relate them to your marital relationship.

3. Plants and Nature

Aside from countless beaches, Hawaii is also known for other natural sceneries. These include volcanoes, waterfalls and mountains. With these kinds of places, there are many ways on how you can make your honeymoon more adventurous and less boring. Just taking a walk in the garden or in the forest to see the different species of beautiful plants and flowers is enough to catch your interest or satisfy your eyes.

4. Wildlife

Different birds, insects and other unique animals are also found in Hawaii. You can have a fun experience with these fellas. It’s another means of how you are able to spend your quality time together. Sometimes, it helps to develop the psychological and emotional feeling of a person, which is good for building your relationship stronger.

5. Food

Sipping some refreshing, cool beverage and biting great food is something that you cannot miss on a honeymoon. Good news is that in Hawaii, you won’t be disappointed to order some local cuisines and international dishes. To make your honeymoon daring, try food that you have not yet tasted. Somehow, it would be nice to try having something that actually doesn’t taste good. At least, you have one thing to talk about whenever you think of your honeymoon.

6. Hotels and Resorts

One famous thing about Hawaii is the stunning hotels and beach resorts located here. There are plenty of them, so it is not a problem to plan a vacation here. That is also one of the reasons why a lot of tourists come over to the island. With all the great room choices available and cheap honeymoon packages offered, you and your spouse won’t have difficulty selecting the right place to stay in while having good moments together. You can stay in one of the luxurious and world’s renowned hotels like the Hilton Waikoloa Beach Resort and Mauna Lani Bay Resort. Each hotel resort also offers a variety of activities you can do, such as golfing and swimming in the pool.

These six reasons should be enough to convince you and your spouse to have your honeymoon in the beautiful state of Hawaii. In fact, there are other good things that can entice you, which must be self discovered and explored when you are there. So, start packing your bags and head to this wonderful paradise on Earth.


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