Traits to Look for in Choosing a Maid of Honor

The picture here is that the lights are starting to dim and only backlights are visible, then you see a beautiful round ring with sparkling diamond on top of your finger, as the confetti is falling down. Well, congratulations for being the bride! Every woman is excited and happy and I could exactly tell what you are feeling right now. As you look forward to having that wonderful moment of your life, make sure that you have a good maid of honor to help you out in preparing and making your dream wedding possible. So, set aside being the star for a while and concentrate on how you select your maid of honor.

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When it comes to picking the right maid of honor there are lots of possible things that you need to consider. One of the things to look for in choosing a maid of honor is your relationship with her. She must be someone you know very well for a long time. In most cases, brides choose their closest sister or best friend because they know them very well more than anyone.


The bride should match her wants and needs in picking the maid of honor. Since the maid of honor is expected to be at your side all throughout the ceremony and reception including the preparation of the event, make sure she has the time. Choose the right maid of honor that can help and assist you during the entire process of the wedding.


Once you have a maid of honor for your wedding, you have various duties and responsibilities to give her. So before you select, ensure that she can do anything you instruct her to do. She must be someone you can count on everything with or without your permission as long as it is for the benefit of your wedding. Someone who has the initiative to do things that can surprise and flatter you is what a maid of honor is all about.

If your first chosen maid of honor doesn’t accomplish most of her tasks or doesn’t give you satisfaction, you need to politely replace her immediately before your wedding and other pre-wedding parties are ruined. Just ensure you have the ability to handle it right and not to the point to make her feel bad and disappointed.

Condition and Status
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Since she is one of the most important people on your wedding, the maid of honor must be flexible emotionally, physically and mentally. You need to know if she suffering from some health issues like if she is pregnant, she has infection or virus. That may eventually cause delays or problems in helping you out. Other personal problems like divorce, family and finances have to be taken into account too. So, first check out if she has all the means to stay strong, feel comfortable and just have fun of being the mad of honor.

All the responsibilities and duties of a maid of honor are not easy. Most of the tasks that you are supposed to do are given to her which can be really intimidating to some. That’s why you must be very careful also in selecting a maid of honor for your most special wedding day. She must be right and perfect in handling almost everything you need. She must be able to handle pressure, stress and hassle for your wedding. All the things mentioned above are the factors on how you can find the most suitable maid of honor who can help and assist you with satisfaction.


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