Maid of Honor Speeches for Big Sister – The Right Way to Give a Wedding Speech

There are different words to say when giving maid of honor speeches for big sister. As a younger sis chosen as a maid of honor, it is very vital to learn some tips and discover secrets about how to write a wedding speech. A format, parts and contents of the speech are important to know. If you not aware of these things, you definitely need a guideline in regards to making a maid of honor speech and toast. Here are the points you need to read and remember to help you make one of the best or maybe funny maid of honor speeches for sister.
A Gesture of Affection

To be a part of the most special and memorable day of your sister is quite more than just a privilege. It is an honor and probably a one-of-a-kind experience you should not want to miss. Any maid of honor is a lucky girl because among the many female friends and other sisters you have, she chooses you. That’s why you must not take the idea of making maid of honor speeches for big sister lightly. It is something you need to concentrate on and spend time for. Anything you would say means a lot to her so this is a personal message exclusively for her. It can make her smile, laugh, cry, and feel special. In other words, it is a speech that can show off your affection and love toward her. It may not be too often for you to open up and express what you think of or about her. So, take the wedding, at the reception party most especially, as your best and perfect opportunity to tell all those things.

A Responsibility for the Wedding

Among all bridesmaids, the maid of honor is always anticipated to share a wedding speech. Giving one of the most unique and beautiful maid of honor speeches for big sister is a part of your list of responsibilities too. Now, to clarify this, it is not just a no-choice duty but as far as etiquette is concerned, you really have to do it. This is for the sake of your sister so if you want to show support and feel excited about her marriage you have to take it with pride. It is then a personal assignment to do so. If it is your first time, it is better to read some writing tips and examples of maid of honor speeches for sister. Some won’t even bother to read a page or find out how this wedding speech is made. That must be the last thing on your mind because whether you are confident or not, it requires some information to make the best and perhaps, the perfect maid of honor wedding speech.

A RevelationImage Source : Tiger Girl

Maid of honor speeches for big sister are quite sentimental and personal. It implies that anything recorded or said during the delivery of a wedding speech by a maid of honor reveals secrets of how well the relationship between two sisters is. There are people who may not have any clue at all of how really close you are to each other. Others, like your parents, may think they know a little but not on a personal and mutual level. What this means is that there are things that you along know or the both of you understand which may be only disclosed during this kind of speech. You can share a few of your great moments together. You may even give some hilarious stories too which may become one of the really funny maid of honor speeches for sister. Just be careful when sharing some new insights about your sister, her relationship with the groom and her closeness with you. You must not give anything that is too confidential especially those things you promised each other to remain secret. Do not also disclose any humiliation and embarrassing facts that concern her. You do not want to embarrass her, yourself and other family relatives during this kind of special moment.

A Short, Simple Message

A maid of honor speech has to be conducted briefly but sweetly and beautifully. Like other kinds of wedding speeches, maid of honor speeches for big sister do not have to be so long. It only takes a few, quick minutes to share a wedding speech by a maid of honor for her sister. That is why you must be careful and selective in choosing the right words to say. You cannot tell everything so be expressive deeper in order to give the best speech. If you read some examples of maid of honor speeches for sister you will notice how they are written. They are too personal, emotional and really expressive.

A 3-Part SpeechImage Source : rocksee

Furthermore, all maid of honor speeches for big sister must be written in three parts. It is very obvious to always start with an introduction. This is when you present yourself as not only the maid of honor but also the young sister of the bride. You also have to welcome and thank everyone. Take note, you must address them generally and do not name each one of them. You can name some as long as it is necessary anyway. After the introduction, the main part comes next which is when you share a few things that are personal and inspirational. The last part is your best wishes and congratulations to them as a couple who would start a new life and build a family of their own. You must wish them great, long marriage forever and a happy, healthy family for a lifetime. All of these are basics of maid of honor speeches for big sister how are made.

When giving a speech, always be true to yourself and to your sister. You must not feel like it’s your obligation to act like a sweet, loving sister. You need to be more than that because what your heart is saying is the right things to share. Otherwise, your speech becomes something in vain. You must keep in mind to make one of the most incredible maid of honor speeches for big sister everybody would ever hear. That way every minute you spend and each word you say is going to be precious. So, have the time to dig more information, writing tips and examples of maid of honor speeches for sister in order to make the best speech and toast. You only have to spend less than 30 minutes doing all these researching. However, remember that when you start writing it, an hour is the least you can take because you have to proofread and edit until you make the final perfect speech for a sister by a maid of honor.


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