Top 5 Wedding Destinations – Take Your Pick

The month of June may be too far from today but many couples are already planning their biggest and most special day of their lives, the wedding. While some engaged couples choose to get married in a traditional way, i.e. church wedding, there are lovers who would prefer tying the knot overseas. Many wedding destinations around the world are listed but to help you choose, here are the top 5 beautiful places where you can exchange vows with your partner.

5. Kenya

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When it comes to natural landscape, Africa is a continent that is underestimated for sometimes. In Kenya, you will find many beautiful backdrops for wedding events. The dramatic sceneries of this safari area can make it a romantic venue for your wedding. As a matter of fact, there are different landscapes or sceneries to choose from, which include desert plains, and white sand beaches. This is an interesting choice because not all people who are bound to get married select African country like Kenya, where there are different species of animals and wild trees. You can even have your safari honeymoon right after.

4. Thailand

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One of the tropical countries in Southeast Asia that promises a memorable wedding is Thailand. From the clear, crystal waters of the beaches to the exotic and green hillsides, Thailand is a good choice for tying the knot. Many Western couples like to experience a different culture with friendly local people and exquisite scenery. This is perhaps what you and your fiancé or fiancée want to have for your own wedding. It is surely a unique way to feel blessed and happy celebrating your marriage.

3. Las Vegas

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Who would not forget the world’s wedding capital? Yes, Las Vegas in the US, that is. With the enchanting lights, non-stop parties and countless hotel casinos, Las Vegas is certainly included in the top list of wedding destinations this year. You may only need simple and quick ceremony but must still be lavish and memorable. Well, Las Vega wedding chapels can welcome you openly.

2. Caribbean Islands

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Bahamas, St. Lucia, Cayman Islands, and Barbados are some of the best islands in the Caribbean for wedding locations. The virgin blue waters, rich coral reefs, and breeze are the special icons that can invite you to have your celebration here. The scenery is a postcard, which makes it a good choice to say your “I dos”.

1. Mauritius

Image Source:Pierre

For the number one spot, it’s the paradise in the Indian Ocean that is mixed with different cultural influences from French to Créole, and Indian to French, as well as beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and jungle. As an island, Mauritius is definitely a great choice for wedding destination. Most dream to have a spectacular wedding so this location can provide you that.

Whether alone the seashore or the plain field, getting married to the person you are going to spend your whole life with in one of these destinations can be the best thing in the world. The tranquility and natural beauty of these places are enough to make your dreamed wedding to be special. Make sure you book early if your choice is one of the top 5 wedding destinations mentioned above.


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