5 Ways to Write a Speech that Makes it Memorable

There are lots of tips and templates for wedding speeches to read but you only need 5 ways to write a speech. These are very helpful to every speaker, especially those who don’t know how to begin making a wedding speech, or those who are going to deliver for the first time. Despite the many outlines available, only 5 ways to write a speech are needed, and that’s what we are going to discuss below. Surely, these tips or ways can help you improve your wedding speech, whether you are the parent of the bride or the groom, the maid of honor, the best man, or maybe either the groom or the bride.

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1. Start Right Away

One of the best 5 ways to write a speech is that you start writing it several days or a few weeks before the set wedding day. This is a simple strategy that can benefit you in different ways like, after you finish writing your wedding speech, you can have enough time to practice or edit it to correct some grammar, and delete words that may not be appropriate. Most particularly, you have to recognize if you may be giving phrases or contents that can be offensive, especially the bride and the groom.

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2. Shorten It

Also one of the 5 ways to write a speech expected to learn and do is to make your wedding speech as short as possible. This is the golden rule in making a speech for wedding. The main reason is that you can prevent the audience from not easily feeling bored throughout your wedding speech. The longer your wedding speech is the more the listeners may feel uninterested to listen to you, and you do not exactly want that to happen. If so, consider limiting your time.

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3. Give Some Jokes

Adding funny jokes is also considered to be an effective writing technique that is included on the list of 5 ways to write a speech. Funny jokes can help entertain the guests and the newlyweds. However, be sure to choose only the positive and friendly jokes. They need to be appropriate and very much related to your wedding speech, and to the occasion. This is also the only way that makes you get the attention of the audience and continue listening to you.

4. Take Time to Rehearse

Among the most important of the 5 ways to write a speech is to practice on how to deliver it. Prior to the wedding, rehearsing the speech in front of two or three people is important. This strategy can help you figure out what needs to be edited and removed, how to get more confidence, etc. The listeners during this rehearsal can also give their comments and suggestions, which are very helpful. You make sure to consider their recommendations, as well as the criticism in a positive way. This is how you can improve more with your speech and delivery.

5. Choose Important and Best Words

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Another special and important tip that you need to learn when writing a wedding speech is to select the right things to say. Not everything you want has to be said because there is etiquette and standard. The first of the few things to say is your thanksgiving to everyone, especially if you are the bride or the groom. It is very essential to extend your appreciation to each of the people for the support, presence and love they’ve shown. This part of the message is usually placed at the introduction or at the very end. Other than that, it is also vital to give two or three moments that you think are the best you have experienced with the newlyweds or with your partner, if you are the bride or the groom. This is the heart of the wedding speech, because it relives some great memories. Another core of the message is the speech advice. If you are one of the parents, it’s not just a tradition to give marital advice but a must, because the newly married couple needs it and has to hear it from the people they’ve look up to.

You may agree that creating a speech is very easy to do after learning those 5 ways to write a speech. Well, it is only about knowing the rules of making a speech for wedding. These five tips can really help you make not only the best but maybe the perfect wedding speech that the newlyweds and the entire audience will surely love. You have more confidence to present a speech, even if it is your first time with these things in mind, and won’t worry about delivering it soon, regardless of your role at the very special occasion.


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