Tie or Bow for Groom and Groomsmen Attire

For a formal occasion like wedding, the attire for men is as not as meticulous as women’s dresses. What this means is that there are no lots of details to consider when choosing attire for men. Even though only a few elements are needed, the dresses for groom and his groomsmen must be carefully chosen.

Most of the time, groom and groomsmen wear formal suits. They pair tuxedos or suits with either neckties or bow ties. With only two to select from, it can be quite daunting to weigh options or narrow down the choices. If you are struggling whether to go for tie or bow, this is your best chance to get the answer you need.

Bow Ties

Bow ties or bows are elegant and formal. They definitely match any kind of suits as long as they do not contrast the style and color of the tux. There are many choices of bow ties that you can select. In fact, there are more designs and patterns available when compared to neckties.

When you prefer bow ties over neckties, you can have a unique look. It is because bow ties are used to accentuate the tuxedo or suit in a more colorful and stylish way. Most of the time neckties for wedding dresses for men are plain in styles, but if you see bow ties, they are more interesting to look at. That’s the big difference bow ties make when you compare them with traditional neckties.


In contrast, neckties can be a good choice for some men, because they add elegance to the suit. Some men just want simple but sophisticated style, and in the end, it still becomes a beautiful fashion.

Traditionally, neckties are offered in a regular size – not short and not too thin. As of today, there are new elements when selecting neckties. You can select a much shorter or thinner tie these days. That’s make neckties more interesting that’s why some grooms still choose this over bows.

Whether you choose neckties or bow ties, it is important to always consider the essential elements. Here are more tips on how you can select the right ties for your groom tuxedo and groomsmen suits.

1. Colour

Wedding attire is basically about mixing and matching. One of the things that you need to match is the color. The tie or bow should be matched with the color of the jacket and trousers. Most of the time, tuxedos are offered completely. This means it includes the coat, the underneath, the trousers, and the ties or bows.

Anyhow, selecting the right color is not a big issue at all. You just have to choose based on the wedding theme or motif of the event. Simply combine it with the color of the overall attire.

One thing you need to know about color selection is to not just choose the same shade. If the tuxedo is navy blue, try to wear ties or bows that are lighter blue.

2. Style or Pattern

Ties can vary in hundreds or even thousands of styles. This is another important element that you have to carefully look for when making a choice. Either bow tie or necktie, choose a style that complements the overall style of your suit. The main ingredient of the beauty of the tie is actually based on the pattern. To make ties look more noticeable, since they are small they need to stand out on their own, choose stripes or polka dots over plain pattern.

3. Material or Fabric

Another area to consider when selecting ties is the material. Just like other attire accessories, ties differ in fabric. You can find ties made of silk, cotton, polyester, velvet, a combination of two types of materials, etc. It is not a big issue to choose fabric in neckties or bow ties. Yet, this element must not be ignored at all. Besides, you may only need to choose material regarding what you personally prefer. So, there is more flexibility when you go to the fabric details of ties.

Ties are accessories that can add sophistication and charm to a formal suit for men like wedding attire. If you cannot determine the kind of tie to select, just remember the tips provided on this page. It is easier to make a choice when you specify each detail or element of how to select ties. Whether you go for neckties or opt for bow ties, be sure that you do not only match them with the overall suit, but also reflect your personality or character.

Other than what you learn here, have fun selecting ties. Do not stress yourself with only the ties, as there are other things you also have to consider to complete your attire.


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