5 Common Phrases in the Groom’s Vows

Wedding vows may be different, but they only mean one thing, and that is the acceptance of love between the groom and the bride. They differ depending on the kind of wedding, such as civil wedding, Christian wedding, and cultural wedding. If you and your future spouse are both Christians, and prefer a traditional church wedding, then you need to deal with Christian wedding vows. If you go for civic or cultural, you can have a customized or personal wedding vow. Obviously, as a groom, the kind of vow you must make addressed to your bride depends on the kind of wedding you will have.

There may be differences when it comes to the groom’s vow. As stated earlier, they have the same meaning. You can read several samples of vows from one type of wedding to another. Right now, you are probably interested to know some of the phrases used by a groom in making a vow. Well, the following is a list of five common phrases that are usually included in a vow for wedding.

1. “I, (the groom’s name), take you to be my lawful wife.”

Sometimes also termed as “I, (groom’s name), take you to be wife”, this phrase is commonly used as the very first line of a wedding vow. It is a formal and official way of expressing the desire of the groom toward his bride. He simply needs her to be his wife.

2. “I give you this ring….”

This is an important and very symbolic phrase in a vow. As known traditionally, the ring is a wedding icon that indicates a symbol between the bond and unity of couples. The mention of the ring must not be forgotten when giving a vow. In the first place, the groom has proposed with a ring, and provides another one on that special day.

3. “…to have and hold you from this day forward.”

This phrase simplifies and summarizes what a groom needs to say to his bride. He cannot just read or say a vow in two or more paragraphs. In explanation, the groom extends his promise to love, care, cherish, and protect her by all means.

4. “…for better or for worse…”

Another phrase that is basically familiar to most people is the promise of loving each other “for better or for worse”. In fact, these words are said before other terms, such as “for richer or for poorer”, and “in sickness and in health”. It is a promise that the groom, who officially becomes the husband on the wedding, is going to be at her side, regardless of the condition or status of their loves. She may be beautiful now, but as time flies, ages can give her wrinkles, and the groom simply vows with this phrase that his feelings won’t make any change.

5. “…till death do us part.”

This is the last phrase of most common wedding vows. The groom reassures his bride that only death can separate them. Although divorce is also becoming common nowadays, a groom has to really mean and keep this promise if he would include this on his vow.

Vows are very important in every wedding, no matter what the type is, the location, the theme and the race or religion of the engaged couples. As the groom is the most dominant in this kind of relationship, he has a responsibility that he has to promise during this momentous day. Actually, the groom can say anything and make it his vow, as long as his words are meaningful and sincere. It means a vow has to be made and said from the bottom of the heart of the groom.


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