Signs Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose

It seems like it’s taking forever before the man you love is going to get on one knee and pop the most awaited question. I’m very sure you are excited just thinking about it. You do not want to ruin his big surprise for you, so asking him directly is not a good choice. Yet, you need to have some signs at least. If you are clueless but want to know, here are some behaviors that you must be aware of that can indicate he is going to propose soon!

1. He doesn’t take you to shop with him.

Men can be really sneaky when they have a big proposal plan. When he becomes interested in shopping lately, but doesn’t ask you to go with him, it’s possible he’s picking up some ring!

2. He spends cash more than usual.

If he is hiding his credit card, it means he doesn’t want you to know what he had bought lately. You do not want to see his purchase of an expensive ring either.

3. He becomes weird when packages are delivered.

You can also consider it is a proposal sign if he doesn’t let you open or mind packages that are delivered in your house. It is possible the ring you’ve been waiting for is stored in one of them!

4. He checks up your finger most of the time.

Lately, you wonder why he keeps on touching and holding your hand. That is because he’s measuring the size of your finger! Of course, he has to get the right ring that fits you.

5. He makes sure you meet his parents and spend more time with his family.

Another indication that he is going to propose in a few weeks is when he wants you around with his family. He may also invite himself to your own family’s gathering. It is a basic sign that he wants you in his family circle, and so is he to yours.

6. He becomes nervous, odd and a little distant.

There are men who feel this awkwardness when they plan to propose to their sweetheart. If your boyfriend acts like this sometimes, he is probably nervous and thinking how he is going to pull it off.

7. He talks about the future out of the blue.

Apparently, boyfriends who would get down on one knee will always picture the future. He may begin asking how many children you like, or where your dream house is located. Even if is just joking around, you can tell that he is ready to marry you.

8. He starts sizing up some family options.

When your guy is thinking about moving into a new house, he surely wants to tie the knot soon. Anything that is family related including health insurance is a sign he is going to marry you.

9. He is more diligent in house works.

You are surprised to see breakfast right after you open your eyes in the morning. If he is becoming more helpful and diligent in doing some household chores, feel confident that he is your husband after some weeks.

10. He becomes secretive of his whereabouts.

There are instances in which he doesn’t tell you where he came from when he is home late from work. This is because he is preparing the new family house, or planning a surprise engagement party with his family and friends, without you knowing, of course.

11. He keeps contact with your best friend.

Whether she is a sister or a friend since high school, do not feel jealous when your guy talks more often with your best friend. The only reason they are doing that is because they have something extravagant for you. Aside from him, your BFF is the one who can help him plan a successful proposal.

12. He guards his phone and computer.

He used to set his phone anywhere, and open his computer even while you are around the room. But lately, you noticed that’s not the case anymore. Well, he is surely hiding something – in a good way.

13. He refuses to cancel little things.

You know you have a reserved dinner tonight. Suddenly, you feel a little headache or maybe it’s your first start of your period. He doesn’t care and wants to take you out. You have to bear with it, because he’s just a few hours of putting that ring to your finger.

All of these signs are possible indications that your boyfriend is finally going to get down on one knee and make you speechless for some moments before you say “Yes!”. If something is odd about him and his behavior, do not make it a big deal. Instead of worrying, feel a little more excited because he is certainly trying to surprise you in a way you’ve never expected before.


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