The First 3 Hours before the Ceremony

So, it is the day that all people, especially you as the bride or the groom, have been waiting for. The ceremony starts in just a couple of hours and everyone is excited, of course. As soon as you wake up in the morning of the wedding day, excitement and nervousness can surely increase. You’d feel your heart beat races much faster than before. That is pretty normal because you are about to marry the person you love and care for the most. Just breathe in and out, relax and seize the moment. Other than those, here are the things that the bride must do during the first three hours before the ceremony begins.

1. Eat a Good Breakfast

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You may be really nervous that somehow make you feel like you lose your appetite. The number one rule on a wedding day is to avoid skipping breakfast. Not having anything can make you feel lazy, or worse dizzy, and you cannot afford to experience that because it is your special day in the first place! It would be a very long, stressful day, and you need enough energy to pull it off. Plus, you should never look stressed with your gown and makeup on.

2. Bathe in the Tub

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Make sure that you get some time pampering yourself in your bathtub. You need to feel good and de-stress before you dress up and walk down the aisle. This helps a lot to give you a better mood and lessen the feeling of being tense and worried. You have to enjoy this moment as you’d cherish this for the rest of your life.

3. Get Makeup and Hair Styled

Once you have taken the time to embrace yourself, be ready to face the rest of the team. The makeup artist, the hairstylist, your maid of honor, and probably your mom, too, would be there in the big room to prepare and make you as the beautiful bride. Let be a princess for a day and have the staff work on for you.

4. Put on Your Dress

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The wearing of the dress is usually an important part before the ceremony. You have to remember that the team of photographers and videographers will capture that moment as well. It would be the best dress yet that you would put on as it represents more than just your beauty and grace. It is technically the beginning of your shining moment as the bride.

5. Smile and Relax

SmileImage Source:cavale

You need to be just yourself when you face everybody on the ceremony. Do not forget to smile and feel beautiful all throughout starting from the time you march on the aisle up to the last guest who’d waved goodbye and congratulations to you.

It is a happy day for any bride and groom and the first hours are usually the beginning of the most intense feeling. Yet, it should be an exciting moment that keeps you smiling.

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