Common Mistakes to Avoid at a Wedding

There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding, but things that must not be tolerated should be avoided as much as possible. Besides, it is still an ultimate goal to have memorable and fun wedding. So, what are the mistakes that sometimes happen that you should never have on your own special day?

1. You Forget to Include the Map or Direction of the Location on the Invitation

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Even if the place where your wedding is going to be held is a well known area, it is still important to include a map on the invitation. Some may not be sure or familiar with the address. To save them from researching on their own, just have the direction, in details, included on the card you send out to your guests. It also helps avoid having many guests asking you where the wedding venue is.

2. You Do not Follow the Scheduled Time

A common mistake sometimes on wedding events is starting the ceremony at a later time. A delay of a few minutes can raise many eyebrows to your guests which may make your wedding day less memorable to them. If you choose a certain time, and guests expect that, ensure the event starts on time. It must not be too early than the given time as well, because some guests may come on time or a little it for some reasons, like traffic or other emergency cases.

3. You Don’t Greet or Smile at your Guests

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Before the wedding starts, it is anticipated for the couples, especially the groom, to say hello to their visitors. Some may even come to your room and personally congratulate you. You should never snob them as they are the VIPs at the event. It is understandable that you may not greet them all, but during the reception, try your best to wave hands or smile to them. It is a long party not to miss one of them anyway. Plus, the newlyweds usually go one table to another and have a short talk and photoshoot with their guests.

4. You are Scolding the Vendors and Staff

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You may not like the music the band is playing. There may be an insect you found in one of the foods. One of the waiters may be a little slow. Anything that these people mistake during your wedding should be taken professionally. It is alright and understandable to get mad, but to be yelling and scolding them that makes a scandal is not a good thing to do. You have to say it in a polite way as much as possible and have it known to their manager or the person in charge. Just do not make a scene that is not good to the eyes of your loved ones, friends, and most especially guests who do not know you that much.

You do not have to expect your wedding is perfect, but the smallest and basic things must not be forgotten or handled the wrong way. Remember that you and your partner are not only creating memories that you both won’t forget, but also an event that you have to make your guests really impressed and enjoy the entire day.


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