Writing Your First Wedding Speech

I exactly know the feeling when you are asked or reminded to give a speech at a wedding. There’d be butterflies in your stomach and that’s alright because it is totally normal and understandable. It could be your first time but there’s nothing much to worry about. You can absolutely overcome any uncomfortable feeling or fears of speaking in a group of people. Anyhow, what you really have to think about is how you can make a good wedding speech. Here are essential tips that you will certainly need to level up your confidence and believe that you can do it.

1. Prepare

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Some people think they are better giving speeches impromptu. That is not true at all because there is a big chance that you say things randomly. One rule of a wedding speech is to follow the standard format and you cannot just say anything that you remember at the time you stand up. It is necessary that you take the time to sit down and write a draft the night before the wedding, or much better a few days prior. This will surely help you a lot in making not just a good but very beautiful speech.

2. Add Humor

Not everyone is naturally funny but when you speak in a crowd, there is a need to become a little hilarious. A small joke added in your speech can catch the attention of most people, if not everyone, in the room. In fact, it is suggested that you start it with a humor, preferably a wedding joke in a quote. What you have to keep in mind is to never mention anything that can cause offense, like something subjective about a particular person.

3. Give a Heartfelt Message

On a serious note, the speech should be interesting in a way that what you say is sincere, honest and true. If you are one of the close family members, you have at least one very important thing to say about the bride or the groom. This same thing applies if you are a friend. It is your duty to give a line or two that reflects the good personality of one of the couple.

4. Offer a Toast

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The one thing that you should remember is to end the speech with a toast. You congratulate the newlyweds with your best wishes and lifetime happiness together. This is the gesture that you must not forget to do after saying everything.

5. Keep it Simple and Short

A speech is not a 30-minute message so never attempt to make a long paragraph remembering one moment to another. In fact, it won’t even have to be 15 minutes as that is also long. A short 5 to 7 minutes would be enough to cover everything from the introduction up to the toasting part.

6. Do Not Drink Too Much

Another rule to remember is to avoid drinking a lot of glasses of alcohol. This is a great party wherein champagne, wine, and maybe beer, are served and it’s free. Of course, it is an opportunity for you and that can make you feel too happy to take a few glasses. But if you are assigned to speak, it is necessary that you drink only 2 glasses maximum and must be several minutes before you start delivering. Anyhow, you can drink more after your speech.

Some points to write or give a wedding speech are usually overlooked. A speaker on a wedding event must be able to keep those in mind before and during their speech.


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