Symbols and Meanings of Wedding Accessories

Have you ever thought of the significance of wedding accessories? You do not just buy and use them to complete the wedding ceremony. You have to know why they are used in the first place. Each and every piece that is used on this special occasion has essence and role that completes the whole idea of marriage ceremony. Nevertheless, let’s talk about the different accessories used and word during a wedding event.

1. Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is the most essential accessories that every couple must not miss or forget once they plan on getting married. The traditional meaning of this particular ring is that it is a representation of the unity of the couple. It binds them together as one, in sickness and in health, and for poorer or for richer.

This can also be a sign of re-dedication or re-commitment of their relationship. In the legal aspect, it is a sign and status of marital relationship. That’s why when you wear it in public people will know that you are married.

2. Wedding Veil

This accessory refers to two types of veil on a wedding event. The first one is the veil that is worn by the bride. It is a part of her attire and symbolizes purity. The second veil is the one used during the ceremony of the occasion. A bridesmaid attaches this veil to the head of the bride, while a groomsman pins it on the shoulder of the groom. This represents unity between a man and a woman.

3. Wedding Cord

As part of the traditional wedding ceremony, cord, which is also called as wedding lazo or wedding lasso cord, is symbol of unity or forever union of the couple as husband and wife. It also symbolizes marital protection, in which the loops are represented as their love.

This is usually a long chain of rosary beads made up of white silk or satin. Like in veil, the wedding cord is usually put over the head to the neck of the bride and the groom.

4. Marriage Contract

Marriage contract is another important material on any wedding event. This thing will give you evidence that the bride and groom are married. It is the legal document needed to change your status from single to married.

If you have noticed it before, the maid of honor and the best man of the groom carry a folder in which the marriage contract is in it. This is passed from one witness to another for the signature, and the couple along with their parents also sign on it.

5. Wedding Vows

Vows are really special for the bride and the groom. The vow is the key that helps the newlyweds to remain strong, love each other and be there for one another, despite the circumstance. This can be sworn using their own words or repeating the phrases provided by the priest or minister. Each and every word of the vow matters and is special that must not be taken for granted.

All the accessories used on a wedding event have roles that signify important meanings. They are not just items that are displayed, but rather hold special elements that harmonize the love of two people who are bound to get married for the rest of their lives. Now that you know the real use and essence of those wedding accessories, tying the knot should be more essential. You are probably excited about the thought of being at the altar with the love of your life. Congratulations on your wedding day and remember how each accessory is vital.


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