Why is Wedding an Emotional Event

A wedding event is fun but not the same as going to a club where you meet a lot of good looking guys who are single. It is neither a Hollywood movie premiere, where you can shout and scream for joy for just an hour or two. It is a special day that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life with someone who completes you.

You can be funny and soft hearted at the same time. It is a combination of various emotions that bring out the best in you. And yes, expect to shed tears for more than once. You’d definitely need a hankie with you, because believe me, you’ll have lots of great moments when you least expected it.

Family relatives and guests will also feel the same things. However, it will be awkward to let your visitors start the crying because this is your day, first of all. The good drama must begin with you or your groom. Yet, it is possible that your mother may start dropping tears while you are walking down the aisle, so be prepared, you’ll mirror her!

There are basically two primary causes as to why wedding is emotional. First, it is just what it is. Even how tough you may be when it comes to showing emotions, there is no escape when you are the bride or the groom of this wonderful event. We may bet as how many times you are going to cry throughout the special occasion.

Remember that a wedding is a new phase of your life. It is the next chapter that is quite a very big deal to think about. You do not just decide to marry someone without any reason or purpose at all. You do this because it is what your heart and mind say.

The second major cause of an emotional wedding is the result of an intense effort. It makes you so busy preparing this event. It can strike stress and worries that can surely affect your emotions and feelings. Because you want this gathering to be very special and perfect as much as possible, planning and preparing should be really demanding. All the effort and hardwork you invest in making that happen is going to result later on. That’s when you are very much happy, joyful and just excited that your wedding dream is finally happening. That alone can make you emotional.

During the planning phase of the wedding, stress, anxiety or worry must not win you over. It is alright to be excited and nervous, but you must not be so sad that you may not be able to pull out a great wedding celebration. As much as possible, set aside any negative thoughts and reactions. Otherwise, it will be surely difficult to plan a perfect wedding.

A wedding should be filled with many good moments. Shedding tears is one of them, but hold on for a second. Do you know what you look like when you cry? Is your face funny or ugly when you bring out tears? You need to remain beautiful and natural even when you are crying. There will be photographers of both official or professional ones and amateurs, which refer to your guests.

Do not hold your emotions and feelings during this big day. Those are the elements that make the occasion more wonderful and special. How can be it so unforgettable if you do not pour out all of your emotions at all? Ten years or more from now, you will relive each and every moment as you see the photographs and watch video clips of your beautiful wedding. That is because you know how it feels and what you feel during those moments.


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