A Checklist of Accessories for Wedding

Brides may concentrate on her bridal wedding dress, while grooms can focus more on the day they would see their future wife marching down the aisle. Other than those, both the groom and the bride have lots of things to prepare. Sometimes finding a real wedding dress, booking DJs or musicians, ordering cake, etc. can be very stressful. I actually experience all these when I got married, but luckily I endured stress and hassle prior to my big day. Thanks to the assistance of my friends, relatives and my groom who is my husband now for five years (and counting!) as they were very helpful during the times of preparation and the wedding day. In preparing your wedding, do not hesitate to ask help and assistance from your folks too. This makes things easier and faster to accomplish.

One of the things that must not be forgotten to prepare is the different accessories needed during the marriage ceremony as well as at the time of the reception. When it comes to accessories for wedding, you must list them down and assign some people who would manage or take care of them. Let’s say the best man would handle the garter or lace, while the maid of honor is in charge of the flower bouquets.

1. Hair AccessoriesImage Source :bellafaye8

Based on my wedding experience, I learned that it is actually important to match my hair accessories to my dress. Hair length, texture and style are important but accessories to add can provide accents. So, on your checklist, include hair accessories such as headband, pins, hair clips, and tiara. You can find options of the latest and trendiest hair accessories from wedding magazines, network channels, and bridal shops or wedding accessory stores, and on the web.

2. CufflinksImage Source :jamesrbowe

For men (the groom and his groomsmen), cufflinks are also important accessories to keep in mind. The groom usually gives his groomsmen and best men a pair of cufflinks each. He can also give his own father and future father-in-law a pair each.

3. Garter

During the reception, the bride typically throws her bouquet to all single women and they need to catch it. In contrast, the groom must throw a garter for all bachelors to get. Whoever gets the garter would be paired to the single lady who has the bride’s bouquet. If the garter is forgotten, there is no way you can include this fun part at the wedding reception.

4. Guestbook

A guestbook is also essential to have on the day of the wedding. This is sometimes forgotten by engaged couples so it has to be listed as one of the accessories and assign someone to take care of it. This is a list of every name of guest who comes and supports your most special day. You surely like to have a keepsake of all the people who showed support, love and respect to the both of you.

5. Pillow

The ring bearer does not only walk down the aisle with the rings on her bare palm. He holds a beautiful pillow where the rings are tied on it. This is another item that you must keep in mind and include on the checklist.

6. Flower Baskets

Image Source :PDP

Flower girls also need accessories aside from the petals of flowers they have to throw at the carpet right before the bride gives her most anticipated wedding march. What I am referring to are the flower baskets where the petals are loaded.

7. Candles

A set of special candles must be also listed as an important accessory. Three candles have to be prepared as they are useful during the wedding ceremony. There were some weddings I attended to wherein the candles were forgotten! Good thing that didn’t happen to my wedding or it would have become a hilarious event.

Image Source :Tech363

These seven accessories are some of the things to prepare for the wedding. The rest are usually optional so if you have other items in mind make sure they can be useful for the special occasion. Nonetheless, all these accessories are offered in many different ways. Online stores can provide you great deals of accessories for wedding. You can get a set of all wedding accessories at a very reasonable price or buy each one of them separately. There is also the option to choose ready-made accessories and customizable ones. Do not worry as many wedding accessories are available in various choices from vintage designs to modern styles, dark to light colors, etc. This only indicates that you can find the right accessories you can use and have for your own wedding. The bottom line here is to be aware and remindful of each wedding accessory you need for both the marriage ceremony and the reception party.


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