Stop Saying These Once You’re Engaged!

Yes, you’re not dreaming so congratulations! As your excited feeling grows, the tongue needs to be controlled. Would you rather embarrass yourself for expressing too much? Or do you want to keep it on hold and just smile and look giggly? Here are some common phrases that a bride must never say or post to her personal Facebook account once she is bound to marry the man of her dreams.

1.“Finally, I’m there!”

While many of us think it sounds okay to spill this one word, think again. It seems like for all those years you have been desperate in looking for the right guy. Even if you are too young or at an average age to get married, it would appear as if you are old enough to FINALLY get married.

2. “I won’t be virgin anymore.”

Alright, this is so upfront! Why let your family and friends know you are virgin in the first place? Nowadays, sometimes, being virgin is becoming a center of joke. Who knows one or some of people you know may start making comments that may offend you. Worst, if someone makes a photoshopped picture of you with a title of “Soon to be Mrs. Mary, and oh, virgin no more!” and then have it posted in a social network site. Whether most people know you are virgin or just a few, trust me, you’ll regret telling that.

3. “I’m so happy!”

Of course you do, but read again if you express it just like that. “I” is a singular form and marriage is about the union of two people. How can you just be happy without even mentioning your groom? It is better that you say something like this, “I’m happy to be marrying him!” or “I’m happy to be his wife!”. Are those better listening to?

4. “I already got a groom. Now, who wants to be my maid of honor?”

Oh wow, is this for real? It is not like a job hunting that you are finally employed or a business in which you found the right manager. A groom is just not necessary because every friend you have is married. And, why ask who can be your maid of honor? Even before you got engaged, you should have already made a list of choices. Don’t you have a best friend at all or a very close sister?

5. “OMG, I need bridesmaids!”

This phrase can also cause raised eyebrows. You must never let people have a clue that you have a panic feeling regarding who to pick for your bridesmaids. If you post this on Twitter or upload a photograph on Instagram, all girls you know may start making good impressions and showing good things to you just to be able to make the cut. That’s kind of hypocritical, isn’t it? For sure, you just want a group of girls on your wedding who have been loyal, caring and supportive for long years. Each and every bridesmaid must earn it long before you got engaged.

6. “Whew, so ready to settle!”

Everybody does want to settle, unless they want to stay single for the rest of their lives. Yet, if your husband to be is rich, or let’s say you have a big difference when it comes to financial status, you must never make a comment as such. People may think you are marrying him for other things. Also, sometimes the word “settle” can connote about being in a good and more convenient life.

7. “Welcome me to the gates of hell.”

This is not just a funny phrase to utter, but also a very cruel thing to say. Marriage should make you happy. Although it is your intention to be sarcastic, some people, especially the family of the groom, or worse, him, may find it very offensive. You must never say something that is raunchy like that.

You can have the freedom to say anything you want and just express what you feel regarding your engagement. However, not all things to say are pleasant to hear. Before you say or post anything, have the time to think twice or more if they can offend somebody or cause you to feel bad later on.


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