Wedding Themes for the Fall Season

Fall is not just an ordinary season for most people or a fun season for children. It is also the best time for loves to get married. If you are planning to have your marriage during one of the days of this season, then prepare yourself for some huge tasks ahead.

When it comes to fall wedding, you have a wide range of beautiful themes that you can choose from. Having a theme can help you figure out the right elements to use for this wonderful occasion from wedding dresses to flowers arrangements, decorations to wedding invitations, and foods to favors.

You don’t need to worry about ideas for fall wedding. As long as you have the right theme, things will work out as you prefer. Here are different themes that you and your partner can select for your own wedding.

1. Rustic Wedding Theme

A very common theme for this particular season is rustic, which is similar to country theme. It features a natural location, like the background of a barn, farm or winery. Just picture a cowboy themed movie and you can get ideas regarding the kinds of décors to use. You basically have to use wooden tables and chairs, hays, wild flowers, and buntings. Do not forget how useful leaves are too in making decorations.

2. Non-White Wedding Theme

No matter what the season is, bride usually wears a white wedding dress. Nowadays, this can have an alternative by using a different color apart from white. When you say non-white, it means there is zero or less white in the décors, flowers and attire. It may also mean a black wedding theme. This color is still considered formal and elegant anyway. You can also make wedding cake, décors, favors, invitations, centrepieces, etc. to be combined with black and white, or other mixed colors.

3. Mint Green Wedding Theme

Fall season does not always mean brown and orange. That blend of colors is quite dull, so a better choice instead is mint green. This color is very fresh to the eyes and it is not as common as pink or blue. Also, with this color, you can pair it with any other hues, such as white, yellow, dark green, navy blue, and gold. Besides, you want a fresh start for your marriage, so let it bloom with this beautiful color theme.

4. Sky Blue Wedding Theme

Sky blue is another color that is refreshing to the eyes. You can also mix this color with other shades, including white, orange and yellow. This is still “something blue” so any stuff you need won’t be too difficult to find and use.

5. Mocha Wedding Theme

Mocha is similar to brown, but this is not a very common color for wedding. Yet, it is a great choice if you plan to wed in a fall season. It is certainly an ideal color for the months of this particular season of the year as leaves turn into brown and orange, and weather becomes cloudy most of the time.

These are very good choices of wedding themes that you can consider choosing as you and your future spouse are planning your dream fall wedding. Once you have the theme, it is easier and better to start preparing everything you need for this special and momentous occasion.


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