Wedding Planning to Do List – What Make the Groom and the Bride Excited About

Finally, the long wait is over as you have to start making your own wedding planning to do list! The excitement is undeniable for sure as you realize the big smile from your face just having the thought of the entire wedding! You can start thinking of your dream wedding dress if you are the bride. For the groom, you may not wait any longer to kiss your sweetheart in live of everybody you know. So, to begin with, let’s talk about the things you need to prepare, do and buy. Here is the content of your wedding planning list.The Wedding Date and Time

The question that comes to the mind is where do you begin or how would you start this? Well, it always has to be the time and date of the event. You must set a date which must be several months from now. This gives you enough time to prepare all things that must be completed and performed prior to it. Think of the best season, appropriate month, lucky day and right time to tie the knot together. You have can sit down and just talk about this then you put it on your wedding planning to do list.

The Theme and Formality

The next thing to be listed is the theme and its formality. Both have to be harmonized because some themes are casual, while others are too formal. There are also themes that can be either formal or casual. In today’s weddings, there are lots of modern and traditional themes to select. You can go for a beach wedding, a fairy tale themed wedding, a Scottish inspired wedding, a French wedding, a cherry blossom themed wedding, etc. It is easier to think of others to include on your wedding planning to do list if you can determine the theme and choose the kind of formality of the event.
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The Venues

The location for the ceremony and reception comes next on the to do list for wedding by the bride and the groom. It can be in the same place or have separate venues for each. It does not matter how this is preferred as long as it matches the formality and theme of the event. Plus, it must be a place that can accommodate all your family relatives and guests. Your wedding planning to do list may have a few choices then select one that gives a much better ambiance.

The Invitations and Guest List

Once the date and location is final, you can proceed to the guest list so you can start making and sending out invitations. Wedding invitation cards have to be completed a few months before the day of the big event. This can give your guests a lot of time to prepare and appoint the wedding day as an important event to attend to. This must be among the priorities on the wedding planning to do list. Be sure that every person you like to invite, witness your most memorable day together and celebrate with you is written on the list. You may need the help of your parents and friends so you can remember all who deserve to sit on the wedding chairs. The list of guests also includes your choices of best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers and of course witnesses or marriage sponsors. All of their names have to be written on wedding planning to do list.

The Dresses

Dresses for the bride and groom are other important things not to miss. Well, this is one of the things on the wedding planning list that is not forgotten at all. When you say dresses it also includes and refers to the shoes. It must be complete wedding attire anyway. You just make sure you won’t concentrate on your wedding attire too much if it leads you to forget the dresses of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You can assign the maid of honor and the best man to choose their own bridesmaids and groomsmen attire. You only have to approve if their choices suit the wedding theme and relevance of the event’s formality.

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Jewelry, bouquets, wedding garter, cufflinks and wedding rings are other important accessories to keep in mind. They can complement your wedding dresses and others are needed for the ceremony. All of the wedding accessories have to be on the wedding planning to do list.

The Foods, Drinks, Favors and Cake

Do not miss the foods on your to do list for wedding as this completes the celebration of the party. Choose great dishes that you do not only personally want but also match the theme and formality of the wedding. Have a variety of foods on the menu so everyone can enjoy the meal on your wedding. Be sure that you provide friendly and healthy foods as well as drinks. Your audience is not only about adults but children and youngsters too. You also think whether you go for a catering group company or assign some from people that you know.

On the wedding planning to do list, the cake is probably the first one you’ll think about when it comes to food. It must be so you can find a good baker soon and order the dream wedding cake for the special occasion. You must not also forget the party favors that must be displayed and distributed to every guest at the reception.

Documents and Marriage License

The most essential than dresses or the wedding cake is the marriage license. You cannot have a successful wedding without making it official and legit. So, make sure your wedding planning to do list includes this one too. To add that, choose a good, eligible clergyman to complete everything.

The Videographers, Photographers and Musicians

Other things to be included on the to do list for wedding are the business that can cater your wedding to be more memorable. You have to hire a group of videographers, photographers and musicians. They add moments to the wedding so ensure to select companies or businesses that provide great services. They must not be missed on the wedding planning to do list.

The Speeches

Each of you has to share their wedding speeches and toasts. There is the bride speech and the groom speech. You must take care and prepare this too before the wedding. It must not be forgotten on your personal wedding planning to do list. It is a personal message you will address to each other, to your parents, and to everyone who would support your most beautiful wedding day.

All of these are important to prepare but if they are all on the wedding planning list you can easily remember them. This checklist can help you prepare and plan things out much better, faster and more productive. You can also avoid having mistakes or problems if you have a wedding planning to do list. It basically guides you in organizing everything from the simplest to the most challenging responsibilities for wedding.


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