Popular Countries for Top Wedding Destinations

Are you looking for an ideal place outside your hometown or own country where you can hold your wedding? You know how many beautiful places are there around the world but we won’t be identifying all of them or hundreds of them. Let’s make your choice easier by just giving you the top 5 based on popularity over the years. Here are the following places that will offer you to make your dream wedding come true and create amazing memories.

1. Hawaii, USA

HawaiiImage Source:laszlo

This wedding destination is one of the most talked choices when it comes to a beach themed wedding. Hawaii, which is an island that belongs to the 50 states of the US, is not only known for its natural turquoise beaches, but also for its warm people, fascinating culture, and delicious cuisines. Of course, the lei, a series of flowers decorated in a round shape, is given to anyone who lands in this place as a culturally way to welcome people.

What makes it also ideal for a special occasion is the numerous hotel resorts that are usually nearby the beaches. There are lots of hotel companies that offer inclusive wedding packages for engaged couples. The fees mostly cover the venue, decorations, hotel accommodation, food clergyman and transportation.

2. Italy

ItalyImage Source:pedroqtc

For a European wedding location, Italy is a very famous choice. It is a place that offers a lot of things. It has historic villas, castles, and beautiful old towns that are all perfect for venues. Among the common cities for wedding events is Tuscany. You can have a wedding planner for something Italian culture-based wedding. Due to the arts and lights, it won’t be difficult to make wonderful and candid photo shoots. Another city is Florence that provides a more romantic setting. Lucca is also a good choice for tying the knot.

3. France

FranceImage Source:ranopamas

Many people, especially women, have the desire to get married in the romantic country of France. Also located in Europe, this place is more popularly known by its City of Lights, which is Paris. From culture to cuisines, marrying here provides beautiful memories that you’ll never forget your entire life. Of course, even your invited guests would have unforgettable moments being here for not only witnessing your incredible wedding, but also the fact that they have seen France.

4. New Zealand

New ZealandImage Source:chris

Going southeast in the world, New Zealand makes it also to the top list of popular wedding destinations. This country offers a more natural yet romantic setting for wedding occasions. If you are both into nature and/or adventure, this is the place you’d rather go to exchange vows. You can choose a mountain top, countryside, wineries or vineyards, lakeshores, or an old church as the venue.

5. Thailand

ThailandImage Source:stuckincustoms

In Asia, Thailand is a very good choice for some cultural reasons. If you and your future spouse want an exotic spot for wedding, this is the right place for the both of you. It is blessed with beautiful beach resorts, tropical forests, elephants, unique dishes, and warm temperature. Not to mention that expenses here are pretty much very affordable compared to the other four wedding destinations mentioned above.

Our earth is blessed with many beautiful countries that are ideal for wedding destinations. The only thing you need to do is to make a choice and start booking ahead of time. The earlier the planning is, the more successful and memorable your wedding would be. No matter where you say your “I dos” or vows, be sure to have an incredible, fun time.


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