8 Reasons Why You Must Get Married in France

Is it your dream to receive proposal in the City of Love – Paris, France? Wouldn’t be much better to tie the knot in the glorious Eiffel Tower? Then why not do it at the same place instead? You can have your engagement and wedding in France if you both like to!

1. Legal Civil Marriage

In France, a couple can wed the civil way. They just need to present the documents required and when approved, you can get married at anytime you want. That is how easy it is to undergo wedding in France. What you must understand is that tourists or non-citizens of France are not allowed to have religious wedding ceremony, unless they go through legal type of ceremony, or the civilian wedding. If you get married in a church without civil wedding, the license is not considered legal.

2. Various Venues

France offers a lot of beautiful locations for taking wedding ceremonies. Once you have civil wedding ceremony, you can now re-marry in any venue you want. This European country is known with plenty of chateaus, and you may just make your dream fairytale wedding come true. Gardens, parks, and can also provide romantic settings. This should be one reason of why you should try making a lifetime vow with one another.

3. Honeymoon

For some couples, it is their dream to spend honeymoon in France. It will be a great advantage on your part if you tie the knot there and straight to your honeymoon in the same country. Would that be so nice after all?

4. Priceless Moments

There are many moments you can remember for a lifetime if you exchange your “I dos” in this beautiful country. Just the thought of getting married there is a nice memory you can cherish for many years. You would have a very interesting story to tell to your kids and grandchildren someday.

5. Great Food

Some of the world’s best cuisines are found in France. In fact, it is considered a luxury food. Not to mention that the beverages, from wine to champagne, are a good teaser to the couple and their guests.

6. Beautiful Weather

When it comes to environmental conditions, this place does not offer any issue at all. Any location here can provide a picturesque and stunning view, regardless of the weather. Just imagine a ceremony during winter when snowflakes drop from the air and when capture in photos, it will look fantastic.

7. Promos and Packages

Did you know that many hotels offer wedding packages? This is a business and because of France’s popularity to the world, they know how to attract tourists. So, a wedding package and promo would be a great deal. Yes, there are cheap packages that you can select from. What you must do is to search the best option that fits your needs.

8. Love and Joy

You are about to get married, and that means happiness. To make it simpler, why don’t you just make that possible in the most well-known city of hearts? Is there other reason why you must not consider exchanging marriage vows in France?


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