Outdoor Wedding Ideas for Summer – How to Make the Summer Wedding Beautiful

If you are looking for some cool and new outdoor wedding ideas for summer, this is the great place to be! Since many couples decide to tie the knot during the warm, sunny months, ideas of how to make the wedding more beautiful and spectacular would never be lessened. You actually get to learn a lot more as time flies by. More ideas are introduced and shared when it comes to summer outdoor wedding.Image Source : lulieboo

Summer is truly a nice season to have wedding. A lot of wedding color ideas for summer to adopt. A wedding during summer can give beautiful moments to you and your partner personally as well as to your guests. The ambiance alone can make the entire occasion very memorable. You can enjoy a mild and very refreshing blow of the wind and the warm kiss of the sun. You can enjoy your wedding outside without thinking if is going to rain. So, if you are searching for some helpful guidelines that you need to take in consideration for your dream wedding, don’t miss out these outdoor wedding ideas for summer discussed below. It all refers to the theme, locations, invitations, dresses, makeup color and hairstyle, foods, decorations, etc.

1. Summer Wedding Theme

The first thing that you need to think in search of outdoor wedding ideas for summer is the theme. Since summer season is about warm weather and bright sunshine, have the ceremony held in an open location. This means you must have your wedding under the sun, literally! Some of the common themes for wedding summer are garden theme, seaside or beach theme, cherry blossom theme, and sunflower theme. Most of the themes incorporate vibrant wedding color ideas for summer. They are fun, beautiful and relevant for the kind of season.

Moreover, the refreshing environment of outdoor during summer months gives tranquillity, pureness and bliss. Let’s take the beach themed wedding as an example. The location itself is suited for some romantic memories. The beautiful ocean waves, soft, white sand, fresh air that comes from the sea, and the sunset call all add to make the event more special. Overall, it’s beautiful that will surely make you and your guests awe in amazement.

2. Venue

Couples who choose outdoor wedding during summer have to consider the location. There are numerous outdoor wedding ideas for summer in terms of venue selection. Finding the best location or venue is an important assignment for any engaged couple. That is where everything is set up from the decorations to foods. You cannot even send your wedding invitations without making a final choice on the venue. Most often, the location of the marriage ceremony is the same with the venue for the reception party. If it is on a beach, you can have the ceremonial rites on the seashore, while the party is held at a nearby resort which may just be a few steps away. In other words, the ceremonial place is just in front of the reception area. With that said, it’s practical to have both parts of the wedding celebration. If the wedding is not a beach themed wedding, possible locations are in a garden, under a giant tree in countryside, and besides a waterfall which makes it a good backdrop. The choice of location would depend on the kind of theme the wedding celebrants have selected.

3. Wedding Invitations and Decorations

You also need to consider finding best decorations that suit to the theme of your outdoor wedding. What beautifies a room for the reception party would entirely depend on the decorations. Decorations are used to accentuate and give the environment more conducive for the occasion. All of the things to use or display must be bright in colors, vibrant and pleasant to look at. Again, try to get some trendy wedding color ideas for summer for help. The invitations, on the other hand, are simple to do. Whether you order from a printing business company or do them with the help of some folks, the wedding invitation cards must be based on the theme.

4. Flowers and Bouquets

What most brides are excited about aside from their dresses are the bouquets. No wedding is complete without flowers after all. So, when it comes to wedding bouquet ideas for summer, many beautiful flower arrangement to discover. There are simple bridal bouquets that can still be made looking elegant. Other arrangements are extravagant and one-of-a-kind. Most of the flowers used for summer or outdoor wedding are sunflowers, roses, lilies, peonies, daisies, hydrangea and chrysanthemum. A lot of flowers bloom during this season too so it won’t be very difficult to find the flowers you prefer for both bouquets and decorations. You just have to really learn some fashionable wedding bouquet ideas for summer. If you are lacking of time in finding ideal flowers or arranging them for your outdoor wedding, you can hire a florist that will help you regarding this matter.

5. Foods, Party Favors and the Wedding Cake

Since outdoor wedding ideas for summer are associated with lots of tasks like organizing tables and chairs, setting up all decoration displays, etc., choosing mouth watering foods that will please the appetite of your family, friends and guests is quite more daunting. That is if your folks are going to cater them. If not, then you can just sit back, relax and order the foods you like to be served on your most special day. The foods have to be assorted but they all need to suit the theme. The same thing should be applied when choosing favors. The taste and look must be related to summer, i.e. colorful and artistry. The wedding cake is an important table display. Choose a towering cake that is designed so beautiful. However, the outward appearance must not be the only one that is excellent. The taste also has to be scrumptious, and probably your favorite flavor would be chosen.

6. Wedding Dresses

Next, your wedding dresses have to be selected based on personal criteria. However, in terms of outdoor wedding ideas for summer, the kind of dress to look for should be made from a soft, light fabric. Since your wedding is going to be held outside your wedding dresses should be matched on the theme too. If the location is held at the beach during sunset or night, the breeze could be lower in temperature. That means the material of dresses for both men and women should be a little heavy to keep you all warm.

Generally, summer is the most common choice of some soon-to-be-married couples for the date of their wedding. No wonder why because this season allows you to be flexible and creative in making choices of things. Yet, it is still really important to know about outdoor wedding ideas for summer to help you to enhance the whole ambiance of the event. It is how you can make your dream summer wedding to come to life.

Wedding tips, guidelines and wedding color ideas for summer wedding events are actually helpful. You can have an easier planning out your wedding which can turn into a successful and memorable party ever.


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