Wedding Table Setting – Great Ideas to Decorate Tables

The wedding table setting is one important aspect in preparing a wedding particularly the reception party. This complements the theme of the occasion as the motif and wedding ideas are displayed on the tables. That is why you must focus primarily on the theme when designing tables. If you do not have a theme, it is likely hard to decorate wedding tables. There is no wedding without any theme at all anyway but you have to make a choice that can reflect more about your relationship, interest and desires as a couple. Here are some incredible ideas that you can consider regarding how to decorate table settings for weddings. You will learn the right and proper way to accentuate tables that can help make a wonderful and beautiful atmosphere during your reception celebration.

Choose a Theme

There are endless choices of wedding themes nowadays. Some are traditional and old fashioned themes, while others are contemporary. They can be categorized in different ways too. There is a cultural theme like Asian, Jewish, Irish and Scottish. There is also a theme based on location like the beach and the garden. For seasonal themes, there is a summer wedding theme, spring theme, winter theme, and Christmas theme. You and your partner basically select a theme according to what interests you the most. When you have a chosen theme, it is easier to determine the kind of wedding table setting you will have. So, your priority is to think and choose a wedding theme first before going to the details of how you are going to set up your tables.

Select a Color Scheme

The next thing to figure out is to have a main color scheme. This depends entirely on the theme you choose. It is suggested that you match colors that can accentuate the area and lighten up the room. Otherwise, it will make it hard for you to think of the style of your wedding table setting. For instance, if you have to go with a general romantic theme, the most suitable colors are red, pink and white. Another idea is when you choose a beach themed wedding. The color has to be any shade of blue. Most modern weddings nowadays are decorated with more than one color. Do not mismatch colors if they are not a good combination at all. That’s not how table settings for weddings are created. You really have to use a good blend of colors.

Pick the Shape and Number of Tables

Now that you have the theme, the subsequent of it is to detail the setting of tables. You must get enough number of tables based on the estimated and invited wedding attendees. If you have 200 guests, you probably need at least 25 long tables if they can accommodate 8 to 10 people. When you decide on the number of tables to use, always exceed the number of guests because it is possible to have some wedding crashers. Yet, you are able to manage each wedding table setting if that is the case. You also consider the shape of the tables to use whether they are in round shape, rectangle or square that can be displayed as diamond.

Decorate Tables with Silverwares and Plates

Reception is where the celebration starts so food is a must. There must be plates, silverware and empty glasses with table napkins displayed. They need to be presentable according to traditional etiquette. That is how the wedding table setting would be since this is a formal event. All of the dishware may be in glasses and silver or gold depending on the motif you have for the theme of the special occasion. It is possible to have colored plates too like teal, yellow or violet as there are glass plates that are colored nowadays.

Accentuate TablesImage Source : Tracy Hunter

The creative and personal ideas of table settings for weddings come out when you think of the details and add-ons. Tables are not only displayed with plates, forks, spoons and foods. There must be also other items that can lighten up and embellish tables in a way that can create a beautiful ambiance in the entire room. One of the common decorations is flowers which can be in long, slim vases or baskets. Most of the time, the flowers are the table centerpiece which is a traditional wedding table setting. You can also sprinkle the tables with petals of roses or any flower of your choice. Candles that are scented are sometimes set on wedding tables too. The use of candles is more commonly practiced if the reception occurs at night or in a low light conditioned room.

Put On Name Tags and Cards

In the etiquette of wedding table setting, name tags are needed particularly in Western weddings. If there is restriction of wedding attendees, name tags beside the plate are certainly expected. This gives a smooth flow and order in the reception so each guest and relative has a place to celebrate with you. It is also a good idea if you add your thank you card to each of your attendees. This is how you can say thank you to everyone of them as you may not be able to talk and express your gratitude to all of them. You may have favors and souvenirs to give to them too. If so, include the thank you cards with those so they can take all of them home and have something to remind them of the beautiful wedding you have.

Discover More IdeasImage Source :Jose and Roxanne

Do not forget to have chairs on the tables too. These are also decorated in a way they are covered with chair covers but the color must match the motif or wedding theme. You tie them with bow each to complement the entire wedding table setting. You can also have the option to add balloons to each table. If you do, have one to three balloons only depending on how long or large the table. It is not good to over decorate a table at a wedding reception. The bottom line is that regardless of the styles of table settings for weddings, everything must be in uniform, order and neat. Another possible decoration to add is Swarvoski crystals such as swan and jewels. They make glitters that can also embellish wedding tables.

These are wedding table setting ideas that are very common and basic to learn. You can be original and creative in setting up your tables to have a wonderfully unique wedding celebration. You must make it a goal to beautify your reception through mostly on the tables. That’s why you have to be very selective as well in choosing the decorations, table centerpieces and silverware to put up on tables. The best part of all this once you have decided on what to do is that you realize how fun it is to decorate tables and chairs. It is worth preparing for sure especially if you see the result afterwards that you cannot help yourself but to take a personal picture of it and feel proud. That must be the outcome that you will feel and have when decorating and setting wedding tables.


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