Wedding Gift Etiquette – 6 Things to Follow in Getting a Gift

Learning the traditional and modern wedding gift etiquette that is practiced these present days is an excellent idea. This allows you to know which gift is the right one to select for the bride and groom. The most important is that you can figure out what to avoid when choosing items as your personal wedding gift. In terms of wedding gift etiquette cash has to be involved too. From in kinds to cash, you will discover the truth and maybe myths too about how to choose a wedding gift, how much to spend and what to make for plan B in case you are not able to attend or the couple has a unique preference.It is Still a Tradition

There may be a few changes regarding wedding gift etiquette but giving a very ideal gift is still part of the world’s tradition. Whether you are the US, UK, Australia or Asia, most people in the world give gifts at a wedding event. Once you are invited, a gift becomes a mandatory. This means that you cannot just don yourself with a beautiful dress and have fun with other people without giving the bride and the groom something in return. Whether you have a big role or part to take, it is imperative to give the couple a nice gift. This must be remembered as it is probably listed on the wedding gift etiquette.

It is a Personal Preference by the Couple

1. CashImage Source : bfishadow

If the couple decides to prefer having no gifts but rather cash, you need to respect that. This is like a case that turns out to break some wedding gift etiquette since the couple decides it anyway. One possible reason is that to cover some things they need to start their married life together. You come to the event empty handed but ensure that you give them what they favor instead. It is also possible that you give them right before the wedding day. It can be in real cold cash or check depending on what the couple wants. That’s when wedding gift etiquette cash becomes essential. Another case is that they may be a couple who is philanthropist where the proceeds go to the charity they are supporting.

2. Wedding Registry

Some couples are still into the trend of wishing gifts through wedding registry. They like to avoid receiving the same gifts so they would rather specify what they would prefer to have. Many wedding registries are available online and what a couple only needs to do is, none other than to register! It is definitely easy and very simple to do for any groom and bride. You can consider this too when you need to buy something for the happy couple. This enables you to spend less time regarding what to select. As far as wedding gift etiquette is concerned, it is an optional matter though. If you cannot afford any of the item but you can find the same thing from other store where it is much cheaper, then go for it.

It is a No Attendance Gift

What if you cannot join the wedding for some other reasons? Do you still need to select, buy and provide a gift for the couple? According to wedding gift etiquette, you have to give the couple a gift if you are invited even when you cannot attend the occasion. At least you are able to catch up and give them something. In addition to that, the more you are responsible to get them a wedding present if you are among the witnesses. You have to be ashamed of yourself if you cannot go and you do not give them anything.

It is Based on a Budget

When following wedding gift etiquette, the amount of money to spend for is flexible. What this means is that you are able to choose a gift at any reasonable cost. This can become a personal option so don’t worry about breaking the rules. It is only a matter of what you think is best for you as the sender and the couple as the recipient. However, do not give them anything cheap or annoying. It is much better to spend at little more than what you can afford in order to make it special. Even if it is not a standard rule, it can be considered as you personal wedding gift etiquette. A typical cost of bucks to spend for a wedding gift varies from $100 to $500.

It is Not a Bridal Shower Gift, Bachelorette Gift or Bachelor Gift

You need to understand that the wedding gift is not the same present you can give at the bridal shower party or other pre-wedding parties such as the bachelor and bachelorette party. You must give them separate gifts for that unless you are not invited, of course. This is another point to learn about wedding gift etiquette.

It Must not be a Recycled Gift

You can give a personal present for the couple but never a slightly used one. It is not practical and very ideal to give a couple something that has been used before. The more you must not consider handing them an item that was given to you during your own wedding or other special parties. If you are a mother or a father of either of the couple, something that is given from generation to generation is accepted. In fact, that is considered as a part of the wedding gift etiquette to follow.

It Has to be Meaningful

When it comes to the item itself, it is always a very good idea to grab something that is meaningful. Anything that has a great meaning behind it is a very precious gift. This can make the couple cherish your gift for many years or for a lifetime. So, think of a good item that both the bride and the groom can appreciate especially if you are a close family relative or dear friend for a long period of time.

It Must be UniqueImage Source : Fort Meade

Another idea that can help you select the right gift is its uniqueness. Sometimes, you have to be creative and carefully think of the best and most unique you can give for him. This can give the couple a reason to remember you among lots of guests or senders of gifts during their most special day. Some of the best and favorite gifts are personalized picture frame, bride and groom bathrobes, husband and wife coffee mugs, a gift certificate for spa and believe it or not, a honeymoon package. You can choose from a simple but meaningful to a lavish, but not so expensive gift! You just have to weigh in your choices very carefully so you can pick out the right and appropriate gift item for the newlyweds.

This list of wedding gift etiquette is important to think of whenever you have to get something for a couple who is going to marry. If you have been invited, the first thing that must come to your mind is the gift. Once you have the wedding invitation, it should motivate you to start seeking for the right gift for them.


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