Japanese-Inspired Wedding Ideas

For many years, Japanese culture and art have been a favorite inspiration as a concept for special occasions, which include wedding events. If you have selected this particular theme for your own wedding, this is the right article you really need to read. Here are great ideas and tips of how you can make your dream Japanese wedding event come true.

Japanese are very traditional and artistic when it comes to wedding. They have excellent taste for decorations, dresses, lightings, and others. Their ideas are based on customs and traditions, and now they are adapted in Western societies. That’s why there are many Caucasian couples who pick Japanese styled wedding. Because of the unique artistry of this concept, it is still highly in demand until these days.

The Practical Time to Wed

If you and your future spouse like a Japanese kind of wedding, the best time to hold this is during the spring season. Traditionally, Japanese weddings are held at the time in which cherry blossoms start to appear from the trunks of the tree. Even if the location of your special celebration is in the United States, Australia or England, make sure to tie the knot in springtime. This really gives you the Japanese feel.

The Attire to Wear

The bride’s wedding gown for a Japanese-inspired wedding should be a traditional or modernized white Kimono. This is actually called as Shiromuku. For the groom, Kimono is also the term used but black is the appropriate color to wear. The bridesmaids, groomsmen and other members of the marching entourage should be wearing Kimonos as well, but in different styles and obviously less attractive than the attire of the bride and the groom.

The Venue

So, you decided to get married the Japanese style, but this does not mean you have to travel to Japan, unless you have the financial means to go all the way there with your family and friends. The kind of location for the ceremony you must choose is whether a church, a garden or a local place with a shrine. Then you can have the reception in a hotel, restaurant or even at the same place of the garden or shrine.

The Food and Drinks to Serve

For the food, you have plenty of choices here. You can mix Western dishes and Japanese cuisines or fully go with the latter. Sushi and herbal teas are usually the common Japanese food that comes to mind. Even sushi alone has a variety to select from. You may serve some of this, while you add a little variant that is based on Western cuisines. A celebration like this won’t be completed also without the toasting of champagne or wine.

The Decorations and Extras

Paper lanterns, fans, umbrellas, and cherry blossoms are very common items for a Japanese concept. On your wedding, you may showcase these things. Let’s say each and every table can have a big Japanese-styled umbrella, and your bridesmaids are using one each while they are walking down the aisle, or probably just the bride during her most anticipated march. Lanterns made of paper can be hanged in the tree if it’s an outdoor setting, or on the ceiling for indoor location. Instead of the usual name cards, use fans on the table to guide your guests where they need to sit and dine during the reception.

There are actually endless ideas when it comes to Japanese decoration ideas. Just be creative and passionate in envisioning the things you would like to have for this gathering. That is why you are suggested to scan some pages of magazines and browsing the Internet for more pictures. This helps you have more interesting ideas regarding what your wedding would be like. Whatever things you need to do, make and have, it is important to keep it the Japanese way.

If Japanese concept has been your first and final pick, these ideas are what you have to keep in mind. Only consider the financial aspect of preparing and planning this wonderful occasion. At the end of the day, you must be able to pull off a beautiful, unique and memorable Japanese wedding.


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