3 Types of Creative and Unique Wedding Invitations

The bells are ringing and “Here’s the Bride” song is playing. It’s about time to really get married for you, huh? Congrats! But have you invited your relatives and friends? Did you start making invitations already? If not, then it’s not yet too late to learn these different types of invitation cards that you can make and distribute. Here are three choices you can select from.

1. Pull Out or Chain Wedding Invitation

Pull out wedding invitations are one of the most ordered unique wedding invitations nowadays. Also called as chain wedding invitation, pull out invitation card is a great pick. You can make several circles or other shapes of paper that are attached together but can be pulled out or up. When pulled out, information regarding the wedding on each layer of the chain is readable. Important details include the time, day and month of the celebration as well as the name of the couple to get married and the name of the invited guest. You can also add your most romantic and beautiful picture together, as well as personal message for one another or for your visitors.

2. Wedding Invitation in a Bottle

Another unique wedding invitation that is probably ideal for the two of you is a wedding invitation in a bottle. This is not new anymore, but still a creative choice to send an invite to your friends and relatives. Your guests just pull out the message stuck in the bottle through a tie or ribbon. You can scroll the paper to easily put in the bottle. This type of invitation for wedding is very much suitable for beach themed wedding. Just add some sand, small shells and small, thick bamboo sticks inside the bottle for a more beautiful result. Furthermore, instead of the breakable glass bottle, use a plastic type of bottle. However, if you want to make it luxurious, you can still opt for a glass material.

3. Flow Chart Wedding Invitation

This is a simple but very fun and creative type of wedding invitation. You can customize this with anything you want. Make it a little game, too, if possible. Just do not overdo it as it may confuse your guests. Do not put too much words and pictures that can make the invitation card very complex. They may think you are giving them some prank or something, which may end up not getting them join your special celebration.

When it comes to wedding, you have lots of things to consider. They all need you to spend more time in choosing the best design, color, shape, etc. Though you can purchase or make an order, if you want to save money, opt for customized wedding invitations. If the problem is lack of enough time, you can just order from a good company that offers this kind of services. Besides, there are plenty of wedding invitations to choose from. Regardless of what you need, it all comes to the selection of materials, designs or styles, color as well as price.


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