Hot Wedding Colors or Motifs of the Year

Once you have a glittering diamond on top of a genuine silver ring, there’s nothing on your mind but to picture yourself on a white beautiful dress and exchanging “I dos” with the love of your life. This is what most women when they are engaged. Well, you cannot blame us for getting too excited as we dream, since we were young, to get married someday. Do you agree with me, girls? I bet you are and probably looking forward to tying the knot soon! Well, congratulations, first of all! But my question is this: have you and your fiancé chosen your wedding motif yet? What color of dresses your bridesmaids and groomsmen are going to wear? What would be your cake’s frosting color from top to bottom? What would be your tablecloth and centerpiece look like?

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As you can see, colors have some special and important contribution on a wedding. This is one of the most essential factors that you need to take in priority when you prepare for your most special day. The bottom line here is to choose a wedding color and theme that are suitable with your personality and characteristics as a couple. Here are some following hot wedding colors or motifs that you and your handsome groom would like to consider.

1. Purple and Green

Nature-inspired wedding theme is very common these days and the ideal wedding color for this kind of theme is the combination of green and purple. Furthermore, you can opt for a deep sage green or lime green and royal purple. This blend of colors is a great choice for any season. Whether the wedding day falls during summer season, spring or winter, these are colors perfect to select. In addition, you choose green ties and green vest for groomsmen paired with black suit, while the bridesmaids don purple wedding dresses with green ribbon or bow. You also select green tablecloths with some accents in purple color. For the decorations and wedding cake, you can choose a combination of those colors. Lastly, the bouquets and floral centerpieces should be a mix of purple and green hydrangea and peonies, or roses.

2. Pink, Black and White

Pink, black and white is another cute combination of colors to choose for a wedding theme. Couples who want to get married in spring or winter season can consider this beautiful color blend. Pink is always referred to as a feminine color, so if you are the bride who loves the cue, go for it! Black and white, on the other hand, can reflect the general personality of a man, whch may be ideal to your groom as well. The combination of these three colors can produce a very elegant feel and cozy atmosphere. Your tables and chairs can be clothed with pink and tied with black and white bow in plain, dots or stripes or vice versa. Pink and white arrangement of flowers with black ribbon would be the ideal choice. For the dresses of bridesmaids and groomsmen, you may have your girls wear full pink with black and white accents, and the men in black suit with white vest and pink ties.

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3. Hot Pink and Orange

Dark, hot pink or fuschia and orange is also a hot motif for wedding to select these days especially if the couple wants to tie the knot during the summer season. If so, your chairs must be decorated with full white tied with pink and others are orange, while the tables are covered in white atop of pink and orange. For decorations on the table, you can place jars filled with pink jelly beans and orange candies, as well as pink and orange flowers in a long, slender vase. You can also decorate your wedding cake with orange and pink on each layer simultaneously. The wedding outfit for bridesmaids can be a combination of pink and orange, while men can don white suit with pink tie and orange vest or vice versa.

4. Teal, Blue and Orange

For beach wedding the ideal color scheme are teal, blue and orange. Note that orange and blue are opposites of each other but they can standout and present a beautiful cozy atmosphere on a wedding. Any shades of blue from cerulean to Prussian can be a good choice. You just have to blend all these colors to create beautiful decorations, wear lovely dresses, display a delicious cake, etc.

5. White and Blue

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The combination of white and blue is not new anymore because it is ideal for all seasons and for a variety of locations, either in beach or in an enclosed building. Combine all centrepieces and decorations in white and blue color. The chairs can be covered in white and tied with blue big bows, while the tables can be clothed in blue and use white dishware to balance the motif. Moreover, you decorate your wedding cake with blue ribbons and white frosts. Your bridesmaids can wear blue dresses with white ribbons and hold a combination of white and blue flower arrangements. Your groomsmen can be in blue tuxedo with white vest and blue tie or white suit with blue vest and blue tie underneath it.

These are five hot wedding color combinations you can select for this year’s wedding. However, you need to make sure that you and your partner decide on this. You have to agree with the colors to select and evaluate if they can speak much of your personality as a couple or as individuals. Once you have chosen your wedding colors, the fun starts right away!


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